Sunday, 26 June 2011

.Park Life.

Heres a few pictures from my day, thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful weather although I forgot my SPF so I had to sit in the shade all afternoon!

Amazing sky!

Lazing with the Sunday Times Style magazine.


We spotted our dream camper van but its too far away for you to appreciate its true beauty!

I was very fascinated by these little red blobs, i think they're beauts...

Me and Ben.

This picture looks like the sun is trying to steal me.

Our day basically consisted of Ben reading the paper and snoozing, and me lying in the shade wishing I could be sunbathing, painting my nails pink, drinking Pepsi Max and eating sugar free Polos whilst reading the Style magazine.

I love the sun, I hope its here to stay for a while...

x Lucy x

Saturday, 25 June 2011

.Back Stage at New Look Style the Nation.
..and a few of my fave products for week 3 and 4..

Am currently sitting on my sofa half dead from being up at 3 this morning and having failed to take a (much needed) nap, I thought it was a perfect time to write a little blog post to fill you in on what I've been up to on New Look Style the Nation!

So we arrive at the studios at about 6am and start setting up for the models to arrive in to makeup for around 7am, we are in a massive warehouse type room with the wardrobe dep. as well because there are so many models we need a lot of space, so please excuse the random back ground you may see in some of my photos haha!

So here are some photos of me setting up my kit and then the aftermath of mayhem after i have trashed it!

Don't ask me why it says 'workshop' haha!

Not a pretty site when Im done!! 

My favourite products of the last two weeks have to be Lime Crime lippies, I can't get enough of them!  Urban decay 24/7 shadow pencils and liners, and Fudge Skyscraper hair spray, it smells amazing and has such strong hold, perfect for a high bun like you will see in the pics below!!

Heres some pics of me using my favies

This is the lovely model Virginia, ridiculously gorg!

This is an unfortunate picture of me haha, especially when standing next to the bloody amazing Nadia!! haha

There will be more pics of us 'makeuping' backstage on the New Look facebook page soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

After we have finished all the hair and makeup we head to the back stage area for touch ups, general last minute changes and a bit of hanging out.

I did Nadia on the left, absolutely loved the outfit she was styled in.

So anyway, thats just the random pics I got on my iphone during the show, so quality and composition - generally shocking, but its just for you to see what I get up to at crazy o clock on Saturday mornings!

Thanks for reading guys!

x Lucy x

Friday, 17 June 2011

.My Style the Nation fave products.

Hey guys!  I just wanted to write a post about all the lovely products I've been loving using on 'New Look Style the Nation' on T4 every Saturday Morning!

 We were sent so many lovely things to try, we haven't made our way through all of it yet but these have been the most used so far!  Still 4 weeks to go so lots more time to try new things! I love my job!

Number 1 has to be the Urban Decay naked palette, especially on the first show we had such limited time with the models, this palette allowed us to have all the colours there, needed to create a naturally defined look and they go on so smoothly and blend like a dream, speedy pretty makeup in minutes!

Also by Urban Decay is the setting spray Dew Me, I LOVE THIS STUFF!  Its bloody gorgeous!  It gives a dewy finish whilst also helping to make your makeup last, its so clever!  Great in a studio situation when you are doing someones makeup at 7.30am that needs to last until midday, I have also tried it on myself and was so surprised how amazing it was even on my skin.  I have a very combination skin type, and normally have to powder every hour or so but with this stuff on I didn't have to as much and could still look dewy in an acceptable kind of way, which doesn't normally happen for me!

Something else which has been great is the Little White Lie Wash Off instant colour, Little White Lie is a sister company of Make Believe tanning products at a slightly more affordable price range.  The wash off colour has been great for quickly getting all the limbs on show looking gorgeous and uniformed, and its particularly great because its so easy to blend, I haven't experienced a streak appear at all!  Even when I have about 5 seconds to get someones legs done!  Another thing that I like about it, is once its dry, which takes around 30 seconds, it doesn't transfer at all which is great when a model is needing to change outfits or be dressed very quickly.  It comes in lighter or darker and can be bought in Boots for £10.

Other things we have been loving are; Eylure lashes, they are a firm favourite for my kit as they are so affordable and the amount of choice in style is brilliant.
L'oreal Professional hair products have been a new addition for the kit and I have to say I really like them, especially the Techni Art range.
Last but not least for this post is Dermalogica skincare, this stuff has been in my kit for years now, I can always depend on it doing what I need it to do and people sat in my chair are always very happy when they see Im going to use some Dermalogica on them!

The next episode of New Look Style the Nation is on tomorrow morning on T4 at 11.25am so be sure to watch!  Its live so I will be backstage somewhere running around with my set bag!

Thanks for reading, I have a few more things I am excited to use on this weeks show so keep your eyes peeled for a post on how I got on with those.

x Lucy x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

.Naturally groomed no fuss nails.

Hi guys, im writing this post mainly to test out my new blog press app on my iphone! Quite strange not being able to see how its actually going to look on screen!

Anyway I thought I would use this opportunity to tell you of my rediscovery of an old school favourite nail product of mine whilst bored, perusing the shelves of my local pharmacy!

Its the Rimmel nail white pencil, been around for yonks, costs a couple of quid, and reminds me of my teens big time!

I am not blessed with long, strong, pretty nails. Short, weak and generally stumpy looking is a more appropriate description and also would for my hands too so please excuse my less than beautiful trotters but here is the products I think create a natural, quick and easy, no drama nail, suitable for any occasion!

And here are my nails after this two second job, nothing spectacular, but a lot more acceptable than they were before!

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P.S. Just had to fiddle with this a bit on the comp after I posted it with BlogPress, as it didnt look very good, plus the photos were blurry :( but other than that I enjoyed the app for ease and speed!
x Lucy x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

.New Look Style the Nation.

Last Saturday was the first in the series of 'New Look Style the Nation' shown on T4 every Saturday at 11.25am!  Me and some of my friends/fellow makeup artists are doing the makeup for the models on the show which was fun although extremely crazy and manic backstage to get everyone ready in time!!  First shows are always a bit mad so hopefully this week we will have even more time with them to unleash some more colour and fun summery looks!  The models are all gorgeous, of course, its in the job description I spose, all from Premier Model agency (apart from the three loverly, and extremely beautiful girls picked by New Look who aren't with agencies) and were a joy to work with!

Here is some backstage footage and a round up of last weeks show from New Look TV on youtube

Watch this Saturdays if you get the chance!!

x Lucy x

Friday, 3 June 2011

.Kate Winslet Tutorial.

This is a terrible picture on all accounts but just to give you an idea!!

I have uploaded a tutorial for this look as I thought it was a nice simple easy to wear makeup look!

You can view it on my channel -

x Lucy x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

.Jemma Kidd Freebies with Red Magazine.

I always love it when a magazine does a really good makeup freebie, and this is one of them!  The Jemma Kidd Makeup School 'High Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss' worth £14 each, not bad for £3.80 then!

I love the texture of them, not sticky at all, they have medium to high pigment which I like and I can predict I will be wearing these a lot!  My favourite is the pink/nude (17 petal) but I also really like the orange/coral (15 coral), there is also a 'perfect red' shade available which is apparently exclusive to readers but I couldn't justify a 3rd copy for a colour I know I won't wear!  

Anyone else purchased more than one copy like me?  Please say yes!

x Lucy x