Friday, 2 December 2011

.Hello from Vietnam.

I have been away for nearly three weeks now and have been so busy that blogging has been out of the question!  We have been moving around every few days, apart from when we went to Otres beach in Cambodia, as that deserved a little longer!  And makeup has been a much smaller part of my life than usual, due to the heat and lack of time/being bothered.  I did however enjoy having most of my body threaded, a less painful alternative to waxing and also doesn't get rid of your tan!  Probably doesn't last quite as long thoughAnyway I thought I would share with you a few photos from my travels so far...

Views from Otres Beach (Cambodia)

Visiting Islands

Visiting Temples

Crazy Traffic!

Mui Ne

I realise this is extremely picture heavy but it was hard work narrowing down from the 1000 photos I have taken in less than three weeks!  I hope you enjoyed having a look at them, I will update again soon!

We are off to Hanoi tomorrow, then Sapa for a few days before we head in to Laos!  I hope everyone is feeling very christmassy, its so strange how its December and my brain thinks it summer time!  We keep seeing the odd Christmas tree and it feels completely out of place!

Big Love

x Lucy x