Wednesday, 12 January 2011

.glitzy-glam... or sh!*ty sham?

after a rare viewing of allthatglitters on youtube (elle), i purchased a personalised makeup bag from  i thought it seemed a nice size and that having my name on it would be fun, so, after seeing the price ($30 incl. shipping) which is more than i would normally spend on a toiletries/makeup bag i thought... ahh so its prob ok quality then... ill treat myself!

for starters the picture of the one i was supposedly buying was lavender/blue colour and black letters, the one i received was purple and pink, could have been an error on my part but it obviously wasn't clear on the website.  so i was a bit dissapointed about that, but then when i opened the packet it came in i could tell straight away that the quality was awful, loose threads on the embroidery and zip stitching, horrid stiff plastic material lining the inside and cheap feeling fabric!!!  i think if i actually ever use it, it will fall apart straight away in my luggage bag!

anyway its now been shoved to back of a draw to live a boring life without the pleasure of carry around my toiletries and makeup, heres some pics for you to get an idea...

these pictures don't show how horrible it feels to touch.

i dont like to be negative normally but i really feel i wasted my money here and i don't want anyone else to do the same!

has anyone else bought anything from glitzy-glam?

.i love nails inc and diet coke.

i missed out on the last nails inc/diet coke dealio so i was excited when makeupsavvy posted on twitter that the offer starts today!

i went straight out and bought four bottles of cherry diet coke and am now the happy owner of these babies!

caramel and plum

ive just tried caramel with my seche vite top coat

i love how quickly seche vite drys but im sure my barry m top coat is better at keeping the chips at bay!

actually i keep meaning to mention where i bought it, if you dont already know about this ebay shop then go have a look, opi, essie etc for £2 or £3 a pop! if you are buying more than one let the seller know and you can just pay one shipping fee.

im tempted to go and get the other two colours from the nails inc offer tomorrow..... yehh think i will!

anyone else taken advantage?