Monday, 7 November 2011

South East Asia Bound...

Hellooo!  I just wanted to post a quick hello and explain why I haven't posted for so long!  I'm pretty sure nobody minds but anyone else who has a blog will understand my feeling of guilt when I don't post for ages.  Silly but true.  I have come across a million and one products I have wanted to blog about but I have been so busy with work, organising my trip to South East Asia, catching up with friends and family that I will miss greatly whilst away, (and trying to stick to the Dukan Diet) that I can't believe I have literally had no spare time!  

Just quickly, I'll mention that I got a sample of the Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation recently, and I think its my favourite foundation ever!  It works perfectly with my combination skin type and sits perfectly on my skin, giving me a medium coverage, its so so lovely I can't praise it enough and I want to do it justice by doing a proper post on it so fingers crossed I get the time!  Very sadly though it is going to eventually be discontinued and they are going to make a new one that fits somewhere in between the Pro Lumiere and Mat Lumiere apparently.  I will be stocking up in the airports on Mat while I'm away!

I will be doing my best to update as often as possible whilst I'm away with pictures and any products I find.  I will leave you with some pictures of the beautiful places I will be visiting!  Not to make you jealous though I promise!

(Piccies wiccies from google)

See you soon with a post from somewhere in South East Asia!

x Lucy x