Monday, 8 November 2010

.christmas in november.

i know i am one of very few, who loves the fact that christmas starts earlier and earlier every year,  i am always trying to re capture the excitement i felt as a 5 year old or pretend i'm in 'its a wonderful life' as i skip through the snow in my woolies...... more like, barge past everyone on oxford street with too many bags in my hands, but you get what i mean!

after work today i planned to go straight home and curl up in front of the tele, but working at the bbc causes more than a few problems on departure when i am confronted with westfield shopping centre calling me in.  so off i went to westfield, i'd decided that i needed some gloves....

an hour later i walked out with a dress and a hat for my friends little girl.

realising how completely unsuccessful my little detour had been i decided i had better stop off at oxford st on my way home....

two hours later i trundle home with two more hats, some woolly bed socks, flowery pj's, a cardigan and some eye makeup remover.

okaaaaaay, so this is what happens when i don't have a boyfriend to come home to (he's out with the boys tonight)

before i hopped on the tube i realised how excited i was by the christmas lights along oxford st, but also how terrible the selfridges ones were...

literally this looks like a scene from the simpsons, wtf??!

the lights around selfridges windows

these are the lights down oxford st

i think debenhams lights pee all over the selfridges ones

so then i got home and popped my davina fit dvd straight in the playstation, got my yoga mat out and my work out gear on and did a lovely little aerobics workout, whilst laughing out loud at my lack of co-ordination skills, then followed it up with the yoga warm down (5 mins of heaven) i thoroughly recommend this dvd if you're wanting to do some exercise but cant be arsed with jogging in this weather, or any weather for that matter!

RANDOM blog post, sorry if i've bored you to tears.... i'm off to remove my makeup, brush my teeth, put on my new pj's and bed socks and read 'the time travellers wife' night!


Saturday, 6 November 2010

.drugstore spree.

i love superdrug, i get very excited when i go in there and needless to say always buy lots of things i don't need.  but its such retail therapy for me because its almost guilt free even when i'm already feeling over spent (which is most of the time)

today i bought these goodies from superdrug
-barry m nail paint in 313 dusky mauve £2.95
-MUA glitter eyeliner in shade 2 £1
-me me me blush me in coral £7.99

the blush basically looks like a cross between benefits coralista and georgia with almost identical packaging.  it has a mirror in the lid and the colour payoff is really good.  the brush is synthetic but really soft.

i wanted the eyeliner ever since i saw the pixiwoo video on glitter eyeliners and realised the drug store ones were amazing for the price, ill probably never wear it so i thought id just buy one to have a play with and then throw it in my kit, i really like it, the applicator is nice and firm and you get a solid stripe of glitter.  only downside is it takes a while to dry but once it is it stays on very well.

swatch of the blush and the liner...

i loved the nail polish colour as soon as i saw it and also recognised it from a recent blog post i've seen (cant remember who's!)

i havent tried it on my nails yet (thats no.7 totally teal on my nails!) 

me trying and failing to capture the true colour, its basically what it says a dusky/dirty mauve with a really subtle shimmer of a pinky/purple running through it.

another recent find!! its beautiful, i no longer own it as i gave it to my friends little girl because it reminded her of dorothy's shoes.  plus after removing the bugger i probs wouldn't have worn it again anyway but its still a gorgeous colour none the less!

lastly from boots, my new favourite; no.7's totally love love
.inglot lip palettes.

these are my three inglot lip palettes, ive had the middle one for a while now but recently bought the other two and rediscovered why i loved these palettes the first time i purchased! the array of colours is so tempting and the price adds to that, £15 for a palette of five lipsticks and also glosses, eyeshadows etc.

you can pick your own colours and a choice of palettes, the colours are extremely pigmented, they look like they will have a glossy finish but actually end up quite matte once on the lips, they can be a little drying but nothing a good pre-coat of lip balm wont fix.




i dont have the individual colour numbers on me as my palettes are now back in my kit at work but if you are desperate to know a particular one i will find out and let you know!

this is what the palettes look like open and closed.

there is an inglot in westfield, white city, london.  if you are a makeup artist or have a bbc pass you get 20% off.