Wednesday, 31 March 2010

.the faces.

this post is about my favourite girls with AMAZING faces!

alexa chung is obvious but i really find her amazing ive decided! although i did just watch some of her show that she did in the US and it was rubbish, painful to watch in some bits, she is not good at building a rapport with people, which surprised me because i always thought of her as quite funny and entertaining. wierd....anyhoo it doesnt stop her being beeeautiful!

daisy lowe is someone i have thought is amazing for years, and i still think she is!

rosie huntington-whiteley

Friday, 26 March 2010

.mac paint pots.

i have also just started using a mac paint pot in painterly for my lids, i think im rather behind with this product and it sounds rather boring but i think one of the most important steps in a daily makeup routine is perfecting the appearance of your skin and this is a product that has helped me do that (for my lids anyway!) its instead of using a concealer (dont use it under the eye though as it sets and would just looks weird!) so it brightens the lids, evens the skin tone and because the product sets dry it doesnt crease which is fab, i hate creasy product on lids, it hits my gag buttons. its a great base for eye shadows to make the colour more vibrant and to help them blend nicely, i just like it on its own for every day use though. a good investment!

.nars sheer glow foundation.

i LOVE this foundation. its been out for a couple of months now and i got given one when it was first launched and didnt think much of it even though i knew it was a BIG improvement on the old nars foundations! i have just started using it the last couple of weeks and have fallen in love with it. it brilliantly also has skin care benefits which is the 'complexion brightening formula' and apparently helps your skin to become softer and more luminous, i have been told that you notice an improvement to your skin in 4 weeks, fingers crossed i do! either way i love the finish it gives me, its easy to use (best applied with fingers) has buildable coverage and is just great!