Friday, 29 October 2010

.christina aguilera halloween makeup.

i took the inspiration from this pic

this is how it turned out!....

its a toss up between this look and beauty crush's jester look -

for tomorrows halloween party!

video on my christina look coming sooooon!


Thursday, 28 October 2010

.blogging awards.

recently i received two blogging awards from the brilliant the bristol beauty blog... yey!  im a big fan of her blog, not only because she lives in bristol (where im from) but because her posts are always honest, current and well written! you must go check her out if you haven't!

the first was 'the beautiful blogger award' with which i must tell you 7 secrets about me, and then pass it on to 5 other bloggers with blogs that i love!

erm im not sure i have any secrets let alone 7 but ill try and scurry around for some slightly interesting facts... (just to pre-warn you, i wont be offended if you don't read this bit!)

1. well... what a lot of people are always very surprised about (and slightly hysterical over) is the fact that i did boxing for about 2 years when i was at school. (and got a bronze medal haha!)

2. i am completely, irrationally terrified of dogs, and before you i havent had a bad experience in the past im just pathetic when it comes to dogs, well most animals to be fair... they are just scary ok!

3. i want to grow old in the country, surrounded by a million children and grandchildren and lots of floral print.

4. i own at least 10 charlie and lola story books (plus the umbrella, the calender etc. yup loser) and i feel like a 3 yr old when i catch it on children's tv haha!

5. i learnt to play about 5 instruments (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and singing) throughout secondary school and was in bands in my late teens, but can no longer sing or play any of the instruments!

6. if i wasnt a makeup artist i would love to be a florist/flower arranger.

7. i was an extra in the film the truth about love (starred jennifer love-hewitt, and dougray scott) which flopped, thankgod,  because they made me do this redicoulous running bit in shoes that hurt my feet and diesel jeans that were far too tight, so luckily no one i knew saw me look like a complete fool!

that was perhaps very boring??!! ha anyway the 5 bloggers that im passing this 'beautiful blog award' on to are
this is miss laura

i love all your blogs ladies so that is why i'm sharing the love with you!

the 'one lovely blog award' was the second award i received from the bristol beauty blog (fanks again!!!)
when  you reieve this blog you must do the following
1. Make a post about the award and link the blog of the person who gave it to you - check
2. Give the award to 15 blogs 
3. Tell these bloggers that they have an award
so because this must be awarded to soo many bloggers i need time to think properly, it took me a god damn aaage to get this first one out so look forward to the next one, coming sooooon.....

Sunday, 24 October 2010

.sunday purchases.

these were my random purchases for today!  i already rate the bumble and bumble thickening spray and i needed to get another one but was also tempted to try the shampoo and conditioner too as my hair is just so pathetically limp and fine and flat and all things terrible in a head of hair at the moment so you can imagine my joy when i stumbled across a mini travel pack for £15 in work today!! (i work the odd shift in space nk)  the bottles are 50ml each which will last me a good few go's and i'm very excited!

as i was waiting for my train i naughtily popped in to boots, and decided to take the plunge and try and do something with me tash.....!  wait, before you think "what makeup artist would walk around with her tash out??"  well i'll have you know that its not very noticeable (i hope so anyway) and ive always been scared i'll just make it look worse with bleach or have it growing back with a vengeance if i remove it.  anyway i was bored and i wanted to buy something, so i bought some old school 'jolen creme bleach, mild formula plus aloe vera.'  i'm slightly concerned that 'mild formula' means orange tash rather than blonde tash but i spose ill find out later wont i!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

.project 365 - week 2.

this is a week late and ive had hardly had any time to even think about taking pics this week so ill post last weeks and start again properly on monday!

finished me book, now on to the title you can see through the right hand lense!

my breakfast on the first day of veg and protein

at work... (its a bit dark, click on it for a larger view)

ren event...

food at mums im not allowed to eat :(

shooting the video for katey brooks...

location day for vid...

i have found one picture on my phone from last week so ill post that for you, even though its shocking quality, but it is paloma faith rehearsing in a fab dress... i would click to enlarge this one too!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


hey guys just to let you know if you want to have a loook at a few of my portfolio pictures, you can do so here

and here

please 'like' my facebook one if you go there :)

they are all pretty old as working in television doesn't provide you with the most portfolio opportunities, but what the hey go have a gander!

big love x

Monday, 11 October 2010

.project 365 - week 1. 
daily pictures, posted weekly, for a year.

i have been very much inspired to start this, mainly through twitter and other peoples blogs but it also reminds me of something one of my favourite friends did for a uni project years ago and the out come was always so interesting!

so this is a quick summary of my last week in pictures that stored up on my phone!

making new friends...

testing out new goodies...

my 7 day diet blitz...

made by ainsley harriott, a treat for the boyf...

a treat i am allowed! fat free frozen yogurt...

my new bff...

late night blogging...

hope you enjoyed, and if your not doing it already get on it! 

.60's inspired tutorial.

i saw this picture in 'look' magazine a few months ago, i held on to it because i thought it was beautiful and have only just got round to filming a tutorial!



will be up on my channel in a couple days, need to edit first!  meanwhile the tutorial from my last post is up!

.sheen on the eyes, orange on the lips.

appoligies, terrible photos coming up, to show you where i found my inspiration! marie claire magazine november edition.

this one was taken with a flash, hence the big white beard she is now sporting, but you can just make out the colours a little better!

i knew i had to do a tutorial on this look as soon as i saw it, its a really easy, beautiful makeup.

here is my before and after

please excuse the very strange angle that makes my jaw look ridiculously kelly osborne! but i wanted you to be able to see the sheen on the eyes!

the tutorial will be up on my youtube channel later today


Saturday, 9 October 2010

.is cetaphil the answer to all my problems?

for a while now i have been suffering from regular break outs and quite frankly ive had enough! ive tried everything under the sun from high end luxury skincare to basic drug store brands and nothing seems to work.  ive tried differently formulated cleansers from oils, balms, creams, washes, foams....the lot.  i was going to try liz earle as my next attempt for a chance at beautifully clear skin after hearing so many good reviews but have been holding off as i fear this is too similar to others i have tried, and then luckily for me i watched gemmas last video from gemsmaquillage and she mentioned cetaphil again and how great it is for her, i trust this girl's opinion and have also heard a lot of people rave about this product on youtube but always assumed it was hard to get hold of (and pathetically i was put off by the packaging, but pretty packaging hasn't zapped my zits has it).  basically it turns out im an idiot and you can buy it over the counter at boots, much to my joy i bought some on thursday and have been using its since.  obviously, its only been a few days but im liking it already.....i think i have a good feeling about this.....please keep your fingers crossed for me!

if you're reading this and you have used cetaphil before please let me know what you think of it!

i'll keep you posted on my own experience with it!


Sunday, 3 October 2010

.eyeko event and rod stewart is a thief.

firstly, i am in no fit state to be writing a blog post! am severely hung over, surprisingly, not from my copious (i hate that word) amounts of cocktails from last nights eyeko event but from my drunken night out in brixton afterwards!! im so excited about the fact that i met so many lovely people last night and feeling very inspired so i'll have to go with it im afraid...

so, as i was on my way to the event i was feeling slightly nervous as its the first beauty blogging event i've ever been to, plus, i was going ALONE! i was being a keen bean and got to islington, where it was held, far far far too early so thought i'd nip in to starbucks and indulge a quick iced caffe latte (lorraine stannick stylee!) when low and behold i was to sit on the same table as a fellow lone eyeko attendee! the lovely laura from thisismisslaura so, much to my delight i now had a pal to go with!

they took our picture on arrival and got everyone to sign a big eyeko canvas, then we went in to find lots of cupcakes, sweeties and cocktails! yummy! there were ladies giving mini manicures, doing hair, makeup and also a taro card reader (!) i was nattering so much i totally missed out on all that but it was worth it as i met so many lovely people including laura, obviously, gemma from gemsmaquillage, ling, eyeko lady herself from moonbeamstarlightGiulia who is yet to start blogging and also Nicola from nicolavc86! the hosts said a few words thanking everyone for coming and congratulated gemma on being their top ambassador and asked her to say a few words, personally i would have crumbled under the pressure but she took it in her stride and was a natural! i was very pleased to meet her afterwards, and as i'd assumed shes an absolute sweetheart! 

i had a brilliant time and want to say a big thank you eyeko and everyone who attended for being so lovely!

here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

me and laura
beautiful polishes!
champagne cocktails and cupcakes!
gemmas speach
  me, gemma and laura (borrowed from Giulia!)
gemma, laura and giulia

i myself am now an ambassador for eyeko so if you would like to receive a free gift when you make a purchase just use my code E11256 when paying! i highly recommend the graffiti eyeliners and the nail polishes!! its so affordable so go do it!

i feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to go, and cant wait for more in the future!

here is a pic below of the lovely goodies we got given! it includes and eyeko tee - perfect sleepover attire, the fantastic graffiti eyeliner pens in black and purple (who i believe emma bunton is a big fan of), three nail polishes in pastel, rain and military, a duo colour eye pencil, a magic mascara and two lip glosses in portobello and mayfair!! how generous is that!! so many more things i need to go and purchase though, and the great thing is, its not that bad for the bank balance!

p.s the rod stewart comment is in relation to the fact that he (well him or one of his 'people' but whatever) stole my brand new, amazing sedu hairdryer that i wrote about in my last blog post :( luckily it has been tracked down and someone is returning it, (thank god) cheeky monkeys!!