Thursday, 28 October 2010

.blogging awards.

recently i received two blogging awards from the brilliant the bristol beauty blog... yey!  im a big fan of her blog, not only because she lives in bristol (where im from) but because her posts are always honest, current and well written! you must go check her out if you haven't!

the first was 'the beautiful blogger award' with which i must tell you 7 secrets about me, and then pass it on to 5 other bloggers with blogs that i love!

erm im not sure i have any secrets let alone 7 but ill try and scurry around for some slightly interesting facts... (just to pre-warn you, i wont be offended if you don't read this bit!)

1. well... what a lot of people are always very surprised about (and slightly hysterical over) is the fact that i did boxing for about 2 years when i was at school. (and got a bronze medal haha!)

2. i am completely, irrationally terrified of dogs, and before you i havent had a bad experience in the past im just pathetic when it comes to dogs, well most animals to be fair... they are just scary ok!

3. i want to grow old in the country, surrounded by a million children and grandchildren and lots of floral print.

4. i own at least 10 charlie and lola story books (plus the umbrella, the calender etc. yup loser) and i feel like a 3 yr old when i catch it on children's tv haha!

5. i learnt to play about 5 instruments (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and singing) throughout secondary school and was in bands in my late teens, but can no longer sing or play any of the instruments!

6. if i wasnt a makeup artist i would love to be a florist/flower arranger.

7. i was an extra in the film the truth about love (starred jennifer love-hewitt, and dougray scott) which flopped, thankgod,  because they made me do this redicoulous running bit in shoes that hurt my feet and diesel jeans that were far too tight, so luckily no one i knew saw me look like a complete fool!

that was perhaps very boring??!! ha anyway the 5 bloggers that im passing this 'beautiful blog award' on to are
this is miss laura

i love all your blogs ladies so that is why i'm sharing the love with you!

the 'one lovely blog award' was the second award i received from the bristol beauty blog (fanks again!!!)
when  you reieve this blog you must do the following
1. Make a post about the award and link the blog of the person who gave it to you - check
2. Give the award to 15 blogs 
3. Tell these bloggers that they have an award
so because this must be awarded to soo many bloggers i need time to think properly, it took me a god damn aaage to get this first one out so look forward to the next one, coming sooooon.....


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments! I have a confession to make - I own that film! My boyfriend bought it cos it was in Tescos for £2 and he knew it was set in Bristol. Terrible film, wasn't it!? I'm sure your bit was rather good though! xx

  2. ahh pleasure! oh my god i cant believe anyone owns it haha! i havent even seen it to be honest!! xx

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