Sunday, 24 October 2010

.sunday purchases.

these were my random purchases for today!  i already rate the bumble and bumble thickening spray and i needed to get another one but was also tempted to try the shampoo and conditioner too as my hair is just so pathetically limp and fine and flat and all things terrible in a head of hair at the moment so you can imagine my joy when i stumbled across a mini travel pack for £15 in work today!! (i work the odd shift in space nk)  the bottles are 50ml each which will last me a good few go's and i'm very excited!

as i was waiting for my train i naughtily popped in to boots, and decided to take the plunge and try and do something with me tash.....!  wait, before you think "what makeup artist would walk around with her tash out??"  well i'll have you know that its not very noticeable (i hope so anyway) and ive always been scared i'll just make it look worse with bleach or have it growing back with a vengeance if i remove it.  anyway i was bored and i wanted to buy something, so i bought some old school 'jolen creme bleach, mild formula plus aloe vera.'  i'm slightly concerned that 'mild formula' means orange tash rather than blonde tash but i spose ill find out later wont i!


  1. try home wax strips! you'd be surprised at how little grows back and it doesn't even hurt- you can always keep one in your bag just in case xx

  2. oooh ok, i was surprisingly pleased with my jolen experience but perhaps ill take the waxing plunge next! xxx