Saturday, 9 October 2010

.is cetaphil the answer to all my problems?

for a while now i have been suffering from regular break outs and quite frankly ive had enough! ive tried everything under the sun from high end luxury skincare to basic drug store brands and nothing seems to work.  ive tried differently formulated cleansers from oils, balms, creams, washes, foams....the lot.  i was going to try liz earle as my next attempt for a chance at beautifully clear skin after hearing so many good reviews but have been holding off as i fear this is too similar to others i have tried, and then luckily for me i watched gemmas last video from gemsmaquillage and she mentioned cetaphil again and how great it is for her, i trust this girl's opinion and have also heard a lot of people rave about this product on youtube but always assumed it was hard to get hold of (and pathetically i was put off by the packaging, but pretty packaging hasn't zapped my zits has it).  basically it turns out im an idiot and you can buy it over the counter at boots, much to my joy i bought some on thursday and have been using its since.  obviously, its only been a few days but im liking it already.....i think i have a good feeling about this.....please keep your fingers crossed for me!

if you're reading this and you have used cetaphil before please let me know what you think of it!

i'll keep you posted on my own experience with it!


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