Sunday, 3 October 2010

.eyeko event and rod stewart is a thief.

firstly, i am in no fit state to be writing a blog post! am severely hung over, surprisingly, not from my copious (i hate that word) amounts of cocktails from last nights eyeko event but from my drunken night out in brixton afterwards!! im so excited about the fact that i met so many lovely people last night and feeling very inspired so i'll have to go with it im afraid...

so, as i was on my way to the event i was feeling slightly nervous as its the first beauty blogging event i've ever been to, plus, i was going ALONE! i was being a keen bean and got to islington, where it was held, far far far too early so thought i'd nip in to starbucks and indulge a quick iced caffe latte (lorraine stannick stylee!) when low and behold i was to sit on the same table as a fellow lone eyeko attendee! the lovely laura from thisismisslaura so, much to my delight i now had a pal to go with!

they took our picture on arrival and got everyone to sign a big eyeko canvas, then we went in to find lots of cupcakes, sweeties and cocktails! yummy! there were ladies giving mini manicures, doing hair, makeup and also a taro card reader (!) i was nattering so much i totally missed out on all that but it was worth it as i met so many lovely people including laura, obviously, gemma from gemsmaquillage, ling, eyeko lady herself from moonbeamstarlightGiulia who is yet to start blogging and also Nicola from nicolavc86! the hosts said a few words thanking everyone for coming and congratulated gemma on being their top ambassador and asked her to say a few words, personally i would have crumbled under the pressure but she took it in her stride and was a natural! i was very pleased to meet her afterwards, and as i'd assumed shes an absolute sweetheart! 

i had a brilliant time and want to say a big thank you eyeko and everyone who attended for being so lovely!

here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

me and laura
beautiful polishes!
champagne cocktails and cupcakes!
gemmas speach
  me, gemma and laura (borrowed from Giulia!)
gemma, laura and giulia

i myself am now an ambassador for eyeko so if you would like to receive a free gift when you make a purchase just use my code E11256 when paying! i highly recommend the graffiti eyeliners and the nail polishes!! its so affordable so go do it!

i feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to go, and cant wait for more in the future!

here is a pic below of the lovely goodies we got given! it includes and eyeko tee - perfect sleepover attire, the fantastic graffiti eyeliner pens in black and purple (who i believe emma bunton is a big fan of), three nail polishes in pastel, rain and military, a duo colour eye pencil, a magic mascara and two lip glosses in portobello and mayfair!! how generous is that!! so many more things i need to go and purchase though, and the great thing is, its not that bad for the bank balance!

p.s the rod stewart comment is in relation to the fact that he (well him or one of his 'people' but whatever) stole my brand new, amazing sedu hairdryer that i wrote about in my last blog post :( luckily it has been tracked down and someone is returning it, (thank god) cheeky monkeys!!



  1. great post!mine is coming soon ;)xxx

  2. Look likes fun :-) i love Eyeko xxx Ilja

  3. cant wait for yours Giulia! and yes it was lots of fun ilja! xx