Saturday, 6 November 2010

.inglot lip palettes.

these are my three inglot lip palettes, ive had the middle one for a while now but recently bought the other two and rediscovered why i loved these palettes the first time i purchased! the array of colours is so tempting and the price adds to that, £15 for a palette of five lipsticks and also glosses, eyeshadows etc.

you can pick your own colours and a choice of palettes, the colours are extremely pigmented, they look like they will have a glossy finish but actually end up quite matte once on the lips, they can be a little drying but nothing a good pre-coat of lip balm wont fix.




i dont have the individual colour numbers on me as my palettes are now back in my kit at work but if you are desperate to know a particular one i will find out and let you know!

this is what the palettes look like open and closed.

there is an inglot in westfield, white city, london.  if you are a makeup artist or have a bbc pass you get 20% off.



  1. Do you have the numbers to those lip colors? I would really like to order them. Thanks! :)

  2. I too would like to know the numbers. Thank you

  3. Of just the nude palette if doing them all are too much

  4. hi guys! right sorry it has taken me an age to get back to you!! only just getting back in to my blogging!! ok so the first palettes numbers are, in order - 75, 02, 10, 33, 86. next palette - 25, 43, 23, 03, 13 and last palette - 24, 06, 44, 07, 05.

    hope you get to see the comment! and i wasnt to late! xx