Wednesday, 8 June 2011

.New Look Style the Nation.

Last Saturday was the first in the series of 'New Look Style the Nation' shown on T4 every Saturday at 11.25am!  Me and some of my friends/fellow makeup artists are doing the makeup for the models on the show which was fun although extremely crazy and manic backstage to get everyone ready in time!!  First shows are always a bit mad so hopefully this week we will have even more time with them to unleash some more colour and fun summery looks!  The models are all gorgeous, of course, its in the job description I spose, all from Premier Model agency (apart from the three loverly, and extremely beautiful girls picked by New Look who aren't with agencies) and were a joy to work with!

Here is some backstage footage and a round up of last weeks show from New Look TV on youtube

Watch this Saturdays if you get the chance!!

x Lucy x


  1. If I had a TV, I would watch! Glad you enjoyed yourself, how long is it running for? xx

  2. oh yes i forgot you are a freaky non tv watcher! hehe, its on for the next 5 weeks! xx