Friday, 3 June 2011

.Kate Winslet Tutorial.

This is a terrible picture on all accounts but just to give you an idea!!

I have uploaded a tutorial for this look as I thought it was a nice simple easy to wear makeup look!

You can view it on my channel -

x Lucy x


  1. Ooops, I wasn't aware you had a Youtube channel! Subscribed ;)
    I really enjoyed the tutorial, definitely going to use this "softening the eyeliner" technique!


  2. Ahh im glad you found it! Thanks for commenting! xx

  3. Love this look, its very classic and easy to wear. Thanks for posting this as I've been stuggling with make up since I've dyed my hair orange! Think I could pull this look off though.
    Beth x

  4. thanks for comments guys! ooh orange hair - nice! I reckon this look would work definitely! x