Thursday, 2 June 2011

.Jemma Kidd Freebies with Red Magazine.

I always love it when a magazine does a really good makeup freebie, and this is one of them!  The Jemma Kidd Makeup School 'High Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss' worth £14 each, not bad for £3.80 then!

I love the texture of them, not sticky at all, they have medium to high pigment which I like and I can predict I will be wearing these a lot!  My favourite is the pink/nude (17 petal) but I also really like the orange/coral (15 coral), there is also a 'perfect red' shade available which is apparently exclusive to readers but I couldn't justify a 3rd copy for a colour I know I won't wear!  

Anyone else purchased more than one copy like me?  Please say yes!

x Lucy x