Thursday, 16 June 2011

.Naturally groomed no fuss nails.

Hi guys, im writing this post mainly to test out my new blog press app on my iphone! Quite strange not being able to see how its actually going to look on screen!

Anyway I thought I would use this opportunity to tell you of my rediscovery of an old school favourite nail product of mine whilst bored, perusing the shelves of my local pharmacy!

Its the Rimmel nail white pencil, been around for yonks, costs a couple of quid, and reminds me of my teens big time!

I am not blessed with long, strong, pretty nails. Short, weak and generally stumpy looking is a more appropriate description and also would for my hands too so please excuse my less than beautiful trotters but here is the products I think create a natural, quick and easy, no drama nail, suitable for any occasion!

And here are my nails after this two second job, nothing spectacular, but a lot more acceptable than they were before!

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P.S. Just had to fiddle with this a bit on the comp after I posted it with BlogPress, as it didnt look very good, plus the photos were blurry :( but other than that I enjoyed the app for ease and speed!
x Lucy x

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