Sunday, 26 June 2011

.Park Life.

Heres a few pictures from my day, thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful weather although I forgot my SPF so I had to sit in the shade all afternoon!

Amazing sky!

Lazing with the Sunday Times Style magazine.


We spotted our dream camper van but its too far away for you to appreciate its true beauty!

I was very fascinated by these little red blobs, i think they're beauts...

Me and Ben.

This picture looks like the sun is trying to steal me.

Our day basically consisted of Ben reading the paper and snoozing, and me lying in the shade wishing I could be sunbathing, painting my nails pink, drinking Pepsi Max and eating sugar free Polos whilst reading the Style magazine.

I love the sun, I hope its here to stay for a while...

x Lucy x


  1. You took such beautiful photos!

  2. just enjoyed the sunshine so much in your piccies. gorgeous post xx

  3. Thanks guys! glad you liked them x