Saturday, 25 June 2011

.Back Stage at New Look Style the Nation.
..and a few of my fave products for week 3 and 4..

Am currently sitting on my sofa half dead from being up at 3 this morning and having failed to take a (much needed) nap, I thought it was a perfect time to write a little blog post to fill you in on what I've been up to on New Look Style the Nation!

So we arrive at the studios at about 6am and start setting up for the models to arrive in to makeup for around 7am, we are in a massive warehouse type room with the wardrobe dep. as well because there are so many models we need a lot of space, so please excuse the random back ground you may see in some of my photos haha!

So here are some photos of me setting up my kit and then the aftermath of mayhem after i have trashed it!

Don't ask me why it says 'workshop' haha!

Not a pretty site when Im done!! 

My favourite products of the last two weeks have to be Lime Crime lippies, I can't get enough of them!  Urban decay 24/7 shadow pencils and liners, and Fudge Skyscraper hair spray, it smells amazing and has such strong hold, perfect for a high bun like you will see in the pics below!!

Heres some pics of me using my favies

This is the lovely model Virginia, ridiculously gorg!

This is an unfortunate picture of me haha, especially when standing next to the bloody amazing Nadia!! haha

There will be more pics of us 'makeuping' backstage on the New Look facebook page soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

After we have finished all the hair and makeup we head to the back stage area for touch ups, general last minute changes and a bit of hanging out.

I did Nadia on the left, absolutely loved the outfit she was styled in.

So anyway, thats just the random pics I got on my iphone during the show, so quality and composition - generally shocking, but its just for you to see what I get up to at crazy o clock on Saturday mornings!

Thanks for reading guys!

x Lucy x

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