Sunday, 3 July 2011

.Muted Yellow Nails.

I got sucked in by this nail polish in Topshop on Friday...

I bought the Barry M yellow polish last year, hoping for something like this, but instead after two coats it was quite bright so when I saw this bad boy I couldn't resist!  I wasn't disappointed by the colour at all but I found it took quite a while to dry and was quite a thick consistency.  If you were careful not to get streaks, with the highly pigmented polish, you could probably get away with one coat which may help with drying time.

Overall I'm a fan!

x Lucy x


  1. thats lovely! xx

  2. I have the barry M one (lemon ice cream?) Its the one I'm wearing in a few previous posts. I just bought the rimmel yellow, think i need the topshop one too! :)

  3. OOh I havent tried the Rimmel one! Will have to have a look! :)