Friday, 8 July 2011

.First London ifabbo event.
..and my current struggles with youtube..

Hey guys!  So I have just filmed a video on the ifabbo event that was held in London last night but youtube is being really mean and whatever way I try to upload, and trust me I've tried so many different ways, it wont let me post videos!!  Its very frustrating, and Im not sure what the solution will be yet as youtube aren't very helpful when it comes to things like this!  I feel like its someone somewhere saying "get a better quality camera women!" haha!

Anyhoo, the ifabbo event!!  It was held at The Powder Room which is parallel to Carnaby Street.  Ifabbo is already established in the US at helping beauty brands and bloggers and this was their first London event.  To sum them up their goal is to bring beauty brands and beauty bloggers together to help them work harmoniously alongside one another.  They stress the importance of bloggers being credible and reliable in the information they provide whilst also teaching brands on how to deal correctly with and interact well with bloggers.

A leaflet from The Powder Room

It sounds like a brilliant idea and I am very interested in how iFabbo will help people and brands and also how it will work in the UK compared to the US.

My personal experience?  I had a lovely time meeting other bloggers and youtubers, its not something I get to do very often so I really enjoyed that part of it, especially meeting Fleur from Fleur De Force who is so lovely and who Im sure you have all heard of (!!) from her youtube and blog (even though the lovely lady from iFabbo hadn't, which I literally couldn't BELIEVE haha) also Zoe from The London Lipgloss, I love her voice haha and her blog very much so!  I was there with Laura from This is Miss Laura and we were very pleased to also meet Louise from Makeup Loveer.

I was so wrapped up in meeting new people and catching up with Laura that I was pretty rubbish on the photo front but I do have a picture of me, Laura and Fleur!  You can see some really lovely photos from the event on the beautiful blog milkteef by Emma who I meant to say hi to and didn't get the chance!

iFabbo and the companies who contributed were extremely generous with the gift bag, it included Murad skincare, Witch skincare, Elegant Touch, Beautisol, Collection 2000, Makeup Store, Paul and Joe and Colbert.

I shall review some of these products when I get a chance to try them all out!

So thanks to iFabbo for having us and I look forward to my experiences as a member!  You can sign up at the website.

Lots of love and thanks for reading.

P.S if anyone knows whats possibly going wrong with not being able to upload videos to youtube let me know!

x Lucy x


  1. It looks like you had a great time, and you got some awesome stuff in the goody bag! x

  2. Great post lovely and it was fab to see you :) xx

  3. Yes we had a lovely time!

    Great to see you too Laura! x