Sunday, 10 July 2011

.Decleor Skincare.

Happy Sunday guys, I thought I would just tell you about some skincare products I have been enjoying!  About 7 weeks ago I was sent some Decleor goodies to use on New Look Style the Nation, which I was very pleased about because I haven't delved much in to the world of Decleor before...

My stand out products from what I was sent are...

Now that Style the Nation has finished, I thought I would continue using these products on my own skin to really trial them out and experience Decleor first hand.  I have to say I LOVE them.  A LOT.  If you don't already know I have major combination skin to every extreme possible, I get very very dry patches on my forehead, round my nose and on my chin, I suffer from breakouts at the slightest suggestion of an irritant, whether its; hormonal, eating bad food, or a reaction to a product, and I also have an oily t-zone (I know what your thinking, lucky me!)  How I personally tend to keep it balanced is by giving it a thorough clean and double cleansing with a facial wash for oily to combination skin and then I put the moisture back in with a normal to dry skin day/night cream (usually I have a few blobs of spot cream to apply to the desired areas, which I do just before my moisturiser)

These products have been perfect for my skin and slotted in to my routine nicely, my skin is really really fussy so when something works for me it usually means it is an outstanding product!

The face wash smells delicious, but in a very light, subtle way.  Its very gentle feeling on the skin and removes makeup very nicely.  I usually remove my eye makeup first with cotton buds and eye makeup remover but I have used the face wash a couple time to remove my eye makeup and it actually did a pretty good job without stinging my eyes.  I always double cleanse at night time, once to remove my makeup and then once again to deep clean the skin.  It leaves my skin feeling clean but not too tight and dry, although I always apply my moisturiser within about 1 minute of drying my face.

The Hydra Floral cream is a lovely consistency, thick enough to feel nourishing but not greasy and it sinks in pretty quickly.  I occasionally need to apply a second layer to the dryer areas of my face, but this is not unusual for me. It has quite a strong floral smell to it which I enjoy, but if you don't like strong smelling face products it might be too much for you.  I often use it as a day and night cream if I want to keep it a bit lighter for the night time but I think it is specifically meant as a day cream.  It also contains no parabens and no mineral oils which is a great bonus.  It leaves my skin especially soft which is lovely and because of the silky feel it acts as a great primer.

Here is the info on the box incase you are interested...

I can see most skin types getting on well with these products and they are perfect as part of a preventative ageing skincare routine.

Thanks for reading guys, and even though I was sent these products it was not for blogging purposes and I was under no obligation to write a review, these are just my thoughts and I was very keen to share them with you!

x Lucy x


  1. I love this brand! Me and my mum use it all the time. I'm kind of suprised they last a very long time too! Worth every penny!

  2. I've never actually tried Decleor before, but heard great things. This is definitely on my wish list now!

  3. Im definitely a convert thats for sure!!! x