Thursday, 14 July 2011

.The Quest for Volume.
..and I think I found it..

So above is the final result of my attempt at, once and for all, achieving volume in my usually lack lustre locks!  I was very kindly sent some Indola, INNOVA hair products (Indola being the brand and INNOVA being a new range of their products that has been recently launched) I literally got these this morning so I thought I'd give them a go straight away (seeing as I needed to shower anyway...too much info?!) but anyway I am now blogging about them straight away too because I'm THAT impressed!  Especially as they are extremely affordable!  

I also thought this was the perfect opportunity to really try out my Babyliss Big Hair properly on myself, as so far I have only really used it on other people, and after watching Tanya Burr's video on the Babyliss channel this morning I had to give it a go!

So, here is my process in pictures!

I started off with towel dried hair, and sprayed all the way through  some of the Volume setting spray, it is also a heat protector! (please excuse the non makeup look!)

I then blow dried my hair upside down haha couldn't help but include this!

And before styling this is what it looked like, which is quite substantial volume, especially for me!

Then I got my Babyliss Big Hair out and section off the bottom third of my hair.  Watch Tanya and Babyliss's video (linked above) for a fantastic indepth demonstration.

Then brought down the next section and pinned up the very top section.

My tips for using this hot brush would to definitely use the buttons that spin the brush around, they are simpler to work than you think and they speed everything up so much.  Also make sure you pull upwards with the brush to help acheive as much volume as possible.  When you are holding the Big Hair hot brush at the roots with the length of hair wrapped round it, turn the device off and leave it there for a few seconds, then gently unwind it without turning the heat back on.  This will give you more shape and volume as the hair will cool slightly in this position.  

This is what I was left with after just pulling the brush out and not running my fingers through or adding any more product.

This is after running my fingers through, adjusting my fringe, and applying some much needed makeup!!

Hair looking slightly crazy here after just applying the INNOVA volumising powder!  I am so surprised at this product, pleasantly I should add, because I have tried so many of these in the past and they just leave my hair feeling sticky, heavy and with little white fibres all through it, which is NOT an attractive look!  This powder is so so fine and soft and almost disappears when you rub it with your fingers!  You can still feel it in your hair but not in an overly sticky way and its completely invisible.  It really added so much volume and I only applied probably a 5 pence piece size.  As I sit here a couple hours after applying it, my hair still feels soft and not sticky at all.  I very muchly like this product a lot!

So you can see how the powder disappears when you touch it.

So yes, this was my final result after calming down the volume a bit!  Ha, never thought I'd say that!!  And I am so pleased and surprised!  My hair doesn't feel weighed down by product at all, and the ends don't feel dry from the Babyliss Big Hair.  I would say the actual INNOVA products themselves get most the credit for the volume side of things and the Babyliss gets the thumbs up for shapely, shiny hair.  I can't see someone acheiving volume with the Big Hair on its own, I would definitely recommend using a volumising product, especially if you have fine hair like mine.

Indola products are available to buy here and are so reasonably priced from about £6.50!  The Babyliss Big Hair is available to buy in Boots, Superdrug and online.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys, and that it wasn't too long!  I was sent these products but my opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Thanks for reading!

x Lucy x


  1. Wow Im thinking of getting the babyliss big hair after seeing Tanyas vid. Those products look amazing too! x

  2. I can never get volume in my hair- its long and lank, though i think the actual term is 'glassy'. i wonder if it would work on mine....

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I reckon the powder would give anyone volume! The Babyliss is fab for creating a shiny 'blowdryed' look definitely but if you want big volume i really recommend the Innova prods!


  4. Lucy I would buy ANYTHING you recommend! Having fine hair as well, I need to check this the look amazing!! xx

  5. Wow that's some big sexy hair! It looks amazing, I wish my hair would do that! xx

  6. Thanks so much guys!!

    And trust me if my hair can do it anyones can!!


  7. That's big hair, alright! Ah I wish my hair looked as gorgeous as yours... Everyone is raving about this Babyliss brush, although I'm concerned whether it causes hair to fall because of all the pulling and rolling :?

  8. Nice hair Luce! You look like Kate Mid's. xxx

  9. To cbsg5861! complicated name lol. Thank you, it doesn't always look like that though haha, wish it did!! I like the Babyliss brush but I wouldn't rely on it for volume, its great for using with some really good volumising hair products to really finish the look but if i hadnt used those products my hair would still be flat. Having said that, its really helps if you hurt the heat off when the hair is all rolled round the brush at the root, that gives it a helping hand! xxx

    And thanks rose, thats a compliment and a half! xxxxx

  10. OOpsie meant turn the heat off not hurt the heat off haha! xx

  11. You look absolutely GORGEOUS in the results pic! Not that you looked bad before - but wow, stunning! x

  12. Hehe thank you!!! a compliment coming from you!! xx