Sunday, 17 July 2011

.Another extremely important quest.
..the perfect tan..

Every summer I always dream of  achieving the perfect tan (sad but true), I find a bit of colour more flattering on me personally and it gives me a bit more confidence on the few occasions the sun decides to show its pretty little face and I have to expose a little more of the limbs than I'm used to!

I am always trying different ones out, so this week I'm going to do a series of current ones on the market.  

Just so you know I am uber lazy with actually being bothered to fake tan as much as I would like to and I rarely have that much time to do it either!  If I suited being a pale english rose type, trust me I would be ALL over it, but unfortunately I just don't.

So my fake tan of choice over the last few months has been St. Tropez Mousse, I flipping love that stuff because its so easy to use, doesnt streak blah blah..... but I thought it was time to change it up a bit and see what else is out there and how they compare.

My first choice of self tan was Beautisol, I was lucky enough to get one in the iFabbo event goody bag and thought as I'd never heard of the brand before this was a great opportunity to try it.  From what I can work out its an american brand, its available online to buy and they do a range of face tanners that have been produced for specific skin types which I haven't heard of another brand do before and seems like a fantastic idea.  Anyhoo, the one I have to try is the Dark Body Self-Tanner.

So I'll get down to the nitty gritty, this is me below as a paley with no makeup on.

The bottle comes sealed, and I appreciate stuff like that.

The actual product is very thick and very dark!

This didn't scare me but I was very intrigued as to how it would apply, and I have to say it wasn't the best application I've experienced, it was quite difficult to rub in and it looked quite patchy.  

My normal routine before fake tanning is to exfoliate with gloves and my normal shower gel rather than use a body scrub as often they have lots of oils in, and then lightly moisturise with a body lotion on the dryer areas of my body and moisturise as usual on my face.  I leave it until it has sunk in properly and then go ahead with applying the tan.  

Normally this is absolutely fine and I don't experience any streaks or patchy-ness so I was surprised this applied so badly.  But, I thought its probably just how its sitting on the skin so wasn't too worried about the end result.  

This is me just after application.

The overall finish looked fine, it was just in some areas on closer inspection there were patches, which you can kind of see below.

This is how it looked on my legs after about an hour.

This is me quite a few hours later just before I went to bed, terrible picture I know!

And finally here is a before (so you can see the colour difference), and after I had showered the next morning and applied makeup.  I have bronzer on my face but only to contour. 

The finish was really even after I showered so the patches were only on the surface, I would definitely use this again and be confident I would get a lovely colour but I would not apply before I needed to go out anywhere as the initial application isn't perfect.

MY TOP TANNING TIP: After you have applied your fake tan, before you put on your loose clothing, lightly spray the inside of your arms where they bend and your underarms with an aerosol deodorant to stop any sweating/moisture causing patches or streaks.

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes on my blog this week, as I will also be reviewing Bronze Ambition and Laurens Way self tans.

x Lucy x


  1. such a brilliant review, this tan looks really good Lucy. You were looking very bronzed in the after pic :) I hope you like Lauren's Way as much as I did. It's fab x

  2. Thanks Milly thats amazing feedback coming from you!! I'm literally so excited to try it haha! xx

  3. Love the post Lucy, although I still don't feel its enough to lose my fake tan virginity! xx

  4. I love this post - I'm so nervous to try fake tan as I'm so pale but then seeing gorgeous 'after' pics like yours tempts me ha-ha

    Greatful for bbloggers for allowing me to find your blog - love it :) following you now :)


  5. Thank you what a lovely comment! The two products Im about to post about might be good for you!