Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Ring

I originally saw this style of ring on buy now, blog later and knew instantly that I loved it!  I love simple, delicate designs when it comes to jewellery but also something that has a bit of an edge in a really non obvious way.... I'm not sure if that makes any sense but in my mind it sums up what I like!  Oh and gold, always gold.  I wish I could wear silver but it just doesn't suit my colouring for some reason, I also love rose gold but I haven't found anything to  purchase yet!

Here is the rest of my jewellery that i wear on a daily basis

Michael Kors watch and my new ring!

Ring from Etsy, Cherish bracelet from and other from warehouse.

Bought online a while ago, these are 9mm.

Stolen from my mum!

I love simple and understated, apart from my Michael Kors obviously but I think the colour of the strap keeps it not too in your face.

Can you recommend any other rings similar to this one?  I need more of them in my life!


  1. I love this ring! It's so pretty!

  2. THE WATCH<3!adorable!

  3. I love that ring. So simple but soo cute.

  4. I love delicate jewelry like this! So pretty!