Thursday, 23 February 2012

New CID Cosmetics - iperfection

I haven't used foundation for 4 months now and even though, surprisingly, it hasn't really improved the condition of my skin, it has been refreshing to cut down my makeup routine in the morning and feel like I have less on my face.  I'm considering a Chanel foundation purchase but am holding off until I actually feel like wearing it!  I used to LOVE full coverage foundations so its strange how I almost don't like the idea of foundation on my skin now! 

Anyway I gave the new CID Cosmetics one a whirl, as I liked the sound of 'light to medium coverage', 'the colour adaptive formulation' and 'radiant glow'.  I thought I could ease myself back in to a foundation with a light coverage, have it adjust to my changing skin tone as I lose my tan from my travels and not be too matte so it looks nice and natural.  But I'm not sure it completely lived up to my expectations.  It was light to medium coverage, but I think that made me realise I definitely want a very light coverage as it felt too much on my skin.  The shade I tried was Latte but this felt too pale for my skin tone even though the shade description did sound like the right one for me to have, I probably would have been better with the next shade up as my face is lighter than my body so it needs warming up.  I also found it a very matte finish, which is weird because I'm a combination skin type and foundations usually feel too greasy if anything.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing but it almost felt slightly drying on my skin.  I did like the pump bottle for hygiene but the packaging felt more 'space age, skincare' (whatever that is!) than a medium to high end foundation bottle but thats just my personal opinion. 


On the whole, this foundation isn't really for me but to be fair I have pretty specific requirements at the moment!  If you're after a medium coverage foundation and you have oily skin this would probably be great for you!  I am giving mine to my friend to try as I think it will suit her better, I will keep you posted with her feedback!

Its available this spring at QVC and and costs £26.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for tinted moisturisers!

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  1. That's really lovely actually Lovely and light!