Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Things

A little spree in Boots always excites me and as I had nothing to do yesterday evening I thought I'd better nip in and check I wasn't missing out on anything! 

Its only been a day but so far I'm LOVING the tangle tamer, much prefer over the 'Tangle Teezer' and its about half the price AND its easier to carry in your handbag,,,,winner.

I had a go on the Real Techniques stippling brush this morning with my new Estee Lauder BB Cream and thought it gave a great finish and was easy to use, I can tell I will prefer the buffing brush for foundation though as it's larger and the bristle's don't look as stiff so I'll have to go and purchase that too I think.  I already own 8 Real Techniques brushes, its getting out of control.  I also saw Rebecca Ferguson's makeup artist using the 'Contour Brush' on her this afternoon at work, so they are faves all round I think! 

I love the finish the BB Creme gives, but was slightly worried it may break me out after my terrible experience with the Garnier one and the fact that my skin is generally just very bloody fussy.  When the lady at the Estee Lauder counter told me that their refund policy allows you to return skin products after you have tried them if you have a bad reaction, I bought it immediately.  Fingers crossed it doesn't because I really like it!  At £32 for 30ml, I'm expecting a lot from it to be honest.

The blonde grips are just for my kit, a boring, but very important staple!

I will do a review on the BB Cream after I have given it a longer trial.


  1. Awesome, That's great news. I know you will love the buffing brush. I'm having a major love affair with it at the moment, as well as with another brush you will find out all about soon. x

  2. I love this, always nice having a new BB cream review. i dont have a buffing brush I dont think I've ever used one. I think I might need to try!



  3. How lovely to have a comment from you yourself thank you! I know everyone is loving these brushes at the moment, for personal use and professional, and for good reason! Its great to have professional standard brushes at completely affordable prices. They are some of the nicest I have used. Anyway enough gushing haha, looking forward to the new brush! x

    DawnieP, You must try one, the real techniques one is a safe bet price and quality wise. Thanks for you comment! x

  4. I've had the stippling brush now about 2 weeks and don't know how I ever lived without it LOL! I use it daily and find my foundation looks and lasts better now too.
    I'll be honest that I'm in agreeance with you about BB creams, I have found that the Garnier one was awful on my skin after a weeks use and won't use it now. Shame as the finish looks good. I've heard good things about the Estee Lauder one but as with all skin care and my eczema I have to try in a couple of times to make sure it doesn't react with my patches - will see if I can get a sample. xx

  5. Hi Mel! its great isnt it! definitely get a sample, im really liking it still! x