Sunday, 19 February 2012

.The Importance of Eyebrows.

Eyebrows are one of the most important things to perfect and can be the key to transforming a face in to groomed perfection.  I normally pluck out the odd stray hair here and there when it appears but apart from that my eyebrow grooming is pretty minimal!  I did get them threaded whilst I was away and did see a difference in the shape, but I want MORE eyebrow, not less!  I love big thick defining brows and resort to filling mine in everyday to acheive this.  When I received an email about RapidBrow, I jumped at the chance to try it!

 It is recommended to use RapidBrow morning and night everyday for at least 8 weeks to see up to 108% improvement in the density of your brows.  It uses a combination of Vitamins, Peptides, Keratin, fatty acids, and almond and apple extracts to do its job!  I have high hopes for this product as I used RapidLash last year and had amazing results, even after a couple of weeks!  After a couple of months my lash thickness had literally doubled and they appeared longer and curlier too!  Since stopping using it I have noticed my lash density decrease but no where near as sparse as they used to be. 

My current Natural brow state...

I will document my progress every two weeks for you to see!  With any luck, in a few weeks, I'll be sporting a pair Frieda Kahlo would be proud of...


  1. oooooh this looks great if it works. Cant wait to see your results x x

  2. I was reading about this product a while ago.
    Some trichologist said it would not work. As if you have overplucked the hairs on your eyeborws. Nothing will grow them back, as you will have killed off the bulb, that supplys the hair. Hence the buld not being able to produce hair. Also they made the poinnt if this product worked they would be selling it at the bald men market, as would make billions from that.

  3. Nice to have you back Luce! Never heard of this before, I await your results, I'm quite lucky in the eyebrow department. I have to trim mine, I get some serious Grandad hairs ie big, long and thick! haha xxx

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  5. Summer Sunshine, the point seems to be that it's to make the most out of what you already have, not to grow new hairs. Hence it not having the ability to grow new hair on a bald man's head. Good post Luce!

  6. Thanks for comments guys! I too am intrigued to see if this works, all I know is that RapidLash did work for me but perhaps its completely different when it comes to brows growing! We will just have to see I suppose! xxx