Friday, 9 September 2011

.Oh So Fresh.

Having fresh breath is an important part of my job, and sometimes chewing gum constantly throughout the day can get annoying!  These babies are great - 

When I received them I just wacked one on my keyring and forgot about it for a few days, then when me and my boyfriend and two of our friends were half way through our very long drive to the countryside and I started to feel the first twinges of car sickness, I suddenly remembered my Sweet Breath spray!  A couple sprays and I felt so much better!  As we were camping for the weekend and generally being hungover a lot, we ended up using them loads and the four of us were big fans!

My boyfriend now has one on his keyring and I have one in my kit! 

They're very tiny, have over 120 spray and are extremely affordable!

Thats my little finger! 

They are available at where you can also get a free sample to try yourself!

x Lucy x


  1. I always carry Sugarfree polos around with me, I'm a bit of a tea monster and I know it's not good having school-teacher-tea-breath yuk! How was that campsite? I hope it was ok! xx

  2. I love sugar free polos! The campsite was fully booked too :( so we ended up staying in my families field in cornwall (its more of a garden/woodland than a field but we just call it that!) in the end because it became free so it was lovely, thanks for asking! xx

  3. Thanks for this post, is a fab idea! Have just ordered my free sample! =)
    - Kathryn XX