Friday, 16 September 2011

.My Thoughts on GlossyBox.

I am missing out on this months Glossy Box as I am going travelling very soon and need to save all the pennies I can, and as much as I tried to convince myself I should keep my Glossy Box subscription as its only £12.95 a month, a feeling of guilt crept up on me every time I tried!  So for now I will be GlossyBoxless and I know I will have surges of jealousy when I see what everyone got in their September boxes!

I will however be sure to subscribe again as soon as I'm back early next year because I love the concept and everything about it that I have experienced so far!  Even if I get a box where I don't think I will use some of the products I really don't mind as that is just part of it and I always end up using them oneway or another, or giving them to friends and family.  

This was my August box, the last one I will receive for a while, so I thought I would just give you my thoughts on it.

The product I was most pleased about was the Murad Cleanser, which has been featured on previous posts because I had received one at an event earlier in the year.  I had run out of my other one so it was perfect timing.  I love it.

In all honesty I haven't had much time to try out the rest but I love the fragrance of the Ahava body lotion, its right up my street and complements my perfume taste perfectly as I either wear Narciso Rodriguez For Her or Chanel Mademoiselle which are similar richly sweet perfumes.

I am yet to try the other three products but I can't wait to try the mascara and the colourvitality, as for the Rebel Nails....maybe on my toes if I get bored one evening but the print isn't quite to my taste!

Thanks for reading guys and a MASSIVE thank you to Immediate PR for making me this weeks Blog of the Week!!  Yippee!

x Lucy x


  1. I also stopped after the last Glossy box. It wasnt targeted enough, but the products were fairly good. I just needed some time out! Traveling sounds fun xx