Thursday, 8 September 2011

.Lauren's Way Clip in Hair Extensions.

I have a lot of past experience of using hair extensions, from the age of about 18 (8 yrs ago) I have been using them on myself and other people.  I started off dabbling with the glue in wefts, which at the time I loved for their easy, cheap and attainable way of getting long locks.  After a couple of years of regular use I noticed how bad they are for your hair and would give myself breaks in between and then eventually managed to ween myself off them.  Then the clip in's started to take off, which I really liked the idea of and as much as I had used them on other people for my job, I had never actually used them on myself.  After years of trying to resist them and wanting to try brands such as Halo and Foxy Locks hair extensions, I noticed that Lauren's Way were also doing some clip in's of their own.  Because of the joyful product that is their self tanning lotion, I thought, why not give these a go too!

They managed to match my hair very well from the photos I sent them, I have a kind of unintentional ombre thing going on from growing out my bleach but I thought the colour worked very well.  The quality of the hair is beautiful, very silky, thick and strong.  I think its remy hair but I'm not 100% because I don't think it says anywhere on the packet.  The wefts are double layered so if its thickness you're after then you will love these.  The ends of the hair look very natural, although them being 20 inch extensions I think I would personally want to cut them.  

Here is a before and after, I am at work so excuse all the distracting background!  I also curled them with my Diva Pro Hot Wand, blog post coming soon.

Short hair

Long hair!

The colour I have is #5 Caramel, I really liked the way they blended in and the instant thickness they give you but the one downside is that the clips have only been sewn in by the top hole on the clip and not the bottom hole, if you see the picture above you can see the holes there.  Because this hair is so thick, it unfortunately weighs the clips down so much that they fall back on themselves and consequently don't feel very secure.  A way you can combat this is to back comb at the root of your own hair and clip them in to that for more of and anchor, but I feel this would cause unnecessary damage to your own hair if you were to use them on a regular basis.  I am not sure if this is just a slight fault with the ones that I had but I feel its fairly important for them to feel secure.  Having said that, I am used to the glue in ones which couldn't feel more secure, all be it damaging, plus I have very fine hair so that could effect it too.

Please let me know if you have tried these extensions and what your experiences have been, they are by far the best quality and thickness I have come across so if the clips were more secure they would be peerrrrfect!

They are available at 

x Lucy x


  1. They look gorgeous. Are they expensive? Xx

  2. They are £60 at the moment, but will go up to £120 at some point I think. x

  3. That ain't bad then... I better start begging my other half quick lol x

  4. Really great review and thorough too. Have had the same problem with clips on another set. I looked at Lauren's Way Extensions but currently have 3 full sets and a halo (on a wire). I have umm'd over whether I really need a 4 but would love to review them still. Hmm, the colours really good. Must admit I probably would go for the caramel as most of the blondes are too light for me, Mel xxxx

  5. Wow, they look so natural!

  6. They looks really natural and you look very pretty Luce! x x

  7. Ah pretty mermaid hair! Shame they don't feel secure, and sounds like they're very pricey (or at least will be!)
    I'll stick with my eBay bargain extensions for now! x

  8. Stunning with short and long hair! Love your blog, keep up the good work! X

  9. i need new hair extentions badly - these look fab x

  10. Great review didn't even know these existed !!
    They actually look good quality !
    Such a great colour match for ur hair, xx

  11. looks great :)
    hey there :) i just subcribed to your blog..please subcribe back,i'd love to comment some more..
    take care

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