Wednesday, 27 July 2011

.Liberty London.

..Pretty Central Sights..

Yesterday evening, I ventured in to central London to pop in to the MAC Pro store on Fouberts Place, that annoyingly didn't have what I needed, grrr.  However, I never mind too much heading in the Carnaby Street direction as I know I will have to walk past Liberty, and even though I rarely spend a penny in there I regularly wonder around, wishing I could buy the whole shop.  I never tire of its beautiful, old fashioned decor and the gorgeously displayed items within it!  I love the tea room on the ground floor, where I once visited with my mum and I will never forget being taken there by my Grandmother when I was little, I forget how old now actually, between the ages of 8 and 12 anyway, for my birthday.  And I have always been a fan of the famous Liberty print, my mum found a Liberty shirt in a charity shop and just had to buy it even though the shape and colour is the least flattering thing I, or she, has ever seen, so she offered it to me and of course I couldn't turn its beauty down even though it will sit in my wardrobe forever more and never see the light of day.

Anyhoo on to the pretty pictures...

I always love the flowers at Liberty, pic below would be my choice of wedding flowers...

This is one of my most favourite window displays I have ever seen...

Hope you don't mind the random post, but I just wanted to share these photos, and a rare occasion of me enjoying central London!

x Lucy x


  1. I used to walk past those flowers every day - totally gorgeous! x

  2. So beautiful! It has to be the most beautiful shop exterior ever! x