Monday, 25 July 2011

.The Talked About Tan.
..Lauren's Way..

I was given Lauren's Way self tan to try at the The Only Way is Blogging event last Saturday, which is fitting really, I suppose.  I was extremely excited to be able to try this as the hype thats been on Twitter has been some what ridiculous.  I had to see if, what people were saying was true.  For me the association with Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex wasn't a bad one, OK, so no I'm not a fan of the 'Essex' look what ever that may be, and I don't walk round in skimpy dresses and high heels all the time (far from it in fact) but I do like to have a tan, and occasionally sport a hair extension or two but all in the most subtle and realistic way possible.  

A very good Makeup Artist friend of mine always says if you want a good spray tan, head to essex; they do them so often, they're experts.  Which to me makes sense and Lauren Goodger, I reckon has had her fair share of experience with fake she's done all the testing out for us and  dare I say it come up with an extremely REEM product!  I'm so sorry thats disgusting I can't believe I just wrote that?

Anyway to cut to the chase, believe everything you hear about this product its flipping amazing.

Before, with about 2 day old Bronze Ambition tan...

It applied really nicely and easily and although the product looks thick when you pump it out, it feels more like a lotion when you apply.  It dried almost instantly which I really appreciate in a self tanner and also, so so importantly, it smells LUSH, even hours after, just a light floral/fruity fragrance and in the morning.........

Straight after application...

Nice even finish, ignore the toilet :/

In the morning after showering.  
Please excuse the terrible state of my bathroom mirror *shame*

I hope this gives you a good idea of the lovely colour it gives you!  Tried to convince the boyfriend we needed to buy a new camera for travelling (that I secretly want for blogging) but he wasn't having any of it!  Soon though, next pay day I promise ;)

As a summary to all of my recent self tan testing; it was great to branch out a bit and not stick to my old faithful but I have to say whilst Laurens Way comes in a very close second, St. Tropez is still my self tan of choice!  There will be an application this week I'm sure so if you aren't stuuupidly bored of fake tan pics I will post about that too, maybe.

I had a little play with the Laurens Way Hair Extensions at TOWIB  and they were beautiful quality, might have to try those too now.....

Thanks so much for reading!

x Lucy x

*01.08.11* I thought I would fill you in on my second application of Lauren's Way, just so you have a very thorough review!  I love it even more than my second application, the colour is the most olive tone I have managed to achieve on me (I mainly always look a tad tangoed) and the best thing is that is doesn't wear off as quick as other self tan's I have used.  I'm on my 4th day of my second application and its still going strong!  Plus still no horrid fake tan smell!!


  1. It looks lovely, I've actually never tried fake tan a day in my life! I'm so pale I'm always a bit scared of how it'll come out, but your recent posts have definitely made me want to!
    Love your blog and your style of writing :)


  2. Ahh thank you, that's really nice! You should have a go with a wash off one maybe just to see if you like how it looks. Or embrace the pale! x

  3. I need to get my hands on this too. Heard so many good things!x

  4. My second comment on this article! But I had to come back and tell you that I've nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'!

    Love the blog, and reading your posts, keep it up! :)


  5. AHHHH! thank you that is so lovely of you!! xxx

  6. Hiya. Just thought id ask if you've tried out a tan yet called st moriz??? Its fantastic! I used the mousse last night and it has left a fab colour on my legs! There is also a hidden benefit... Its £3 a bottle and you can get it from home bargains and savers! All my friends are using it.... One evn said its better than st tropez... Tho ive never tries it for myself. I would definately reccomend tht you give it a try... I dnt think you will be dissapointed! And you cant complain.about price!!!

  7. I haven't tried St Moritz no, but I will remember that, I remember Lolipop 26 using it. At the moment Im a bit addicted to this one, but you can't argue with £3 I spose haha!

    And thanks Evie! I love the colour, only thing is it matches my favourite nail polish, Barry M Peach Melba and all my friends make fun of me haha!