Tuesday, 19 July 2011

.The Affordable Tan.
..Bronze Ambition..

The next in my series of fake tan testing is Bronze Ambition, which I was kindly sent, but was very interested to try as it is so so affordable on pretty much anyone's budget so I thought if it was good then it would be a great one to tell you all about!  

The first one I tried from the range was the Fake Don't Bake Tanning Cream, a body moisturiser with a bit of self tan is a product most people are familiar with and is a great way of either topping up a tan in between applications or for somebody who just likes a subtle glow.  I personally like these products for topping up in between or when I can't be bothered to go through the process of fake tanning, which takes a little more concentration and prepping.

I really liked this product, it smells gorgeous upon application, like pineapple and coconut, and doesn't get too 'biscuity' after the DHA's kick in either.  The cream itself is very thick and very hydrating, and it didnt take ages to sink in.  It doesn't have an instant bronze colour but I noticed the colour deepening quite quickly which was good.  It gave me a medium tan colour I would say and was completely streak free!

I just used my hands to apply it but I washed them straight away afterwards!

Me before I applied the cream.

Just after application, I feel it gave me a touch of colour quite quickly.

Couple of hours after application.

Next morning, so you can see it gives quite a good colour after a few hours!

Extremely impressed with this product, especially its £2.99 price tag! What!!?

Next product I tried was the Sun Kissed Mist Instant Spray Tan, I was interested to try this product because it said there was no need to rub it in, you could simply spray and go! 

It took me a few seconds to get the hang of how far away to hold it and I did create a bit of a mess but when I'd established the right distance (I'd say about a foot and a half) it actually did spray on flawlessly and give me even tanned legs!  I was super impressed!  There was occasionally a few speckles but I just patted them with a tanning mit and they disappeared.  Even when I did make the mistake of spraying too close and got a big blob, I just rubbed it in with the mit and it looked flawless still.  It dried in a matter of seconds and didn't transfer to my clothes (or white sofa!), love it.  Its my favourite one I tried from this range and it will be a firm fave in my makeup kit for sure!  Still a steal for £3.99!

Here I have the tan on the right leg and not on the left, I think you could easily build up the colour if you wanted it deeper.  You should have seen the position I was in to take this photo, I looked like I was practising my pilates haha!

The last one I tried was my least favourite, the Bronze Me Mousse, which gives you instant colour and then develops over time too. 

So the ins and outs of this product are; firstly the consistency of the mousse was very runny so I had to be extremely careful I didn't fling it all over my bathroom, which I did a little bit oops haha, but the actual application was very easy and quick.  I used a tanning mit to apply this, which I prefer to do with all mousse bronzers.

I found that it took ages to dry and I had to go to bed feeling very 'tacky' and also with quite a strong biscuit smell to me (boyfriend wasn't too pleased haha) having said that, I woke up in the morning with a gorgeous colour and no sticky feeling left!  Normally I would leave it on for the rest of the day and shower when I got home but because the fake tan smell was a little too strong for me I had to shower there and then!  I think because of this, the colour faded more than it would have done if I'd left it on all day and I ended up with quite a nice medium tan colour.

Here are some before and after pics...


Straight after application.

You can see how dark the initial colour is and also how even the application is.

Next morning before I showered it off, a lovely even colour, I so wanted to leave it on but the smell was just too much for me.

After shower, faded a little bit but still had a lovely colour and no smell!

All in all I still think this product is great for its £3.99 price tag but if you are like me and very sensitive to that fake tan smell then its not for you, plus you do have to wait a long time for it to dry.  But if all you want is a gorgeous, streak free tan at an amazing price regardless of smell or drying time then this is the product for you!

Bronze Ambition products are available to buy at www.bronze-ambition.com

Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you have tried any Bronze Amition before!

x Lucy x


  1. I am going to have to buy this!!! Under a fiver you can't complain.xx

  2. Good eh?! I recommend the cream for you missy! x

  3. Wow, great results for such an inexpensive product - thanks for this lucy! I like the look of the cream best I think :) x

  4. Hey Alice! Yes its good isn't it, The cream is really great I will 100% be using it up! xx

  5. oh wow such a fantastic price - i must give it a go xxxx

  6. Love the blog, I been watching some of your youtube tutorials as well which are great! xx


  7. You look amazing! The tan really suits you, I'm jealous - I look awful with a darker skintone :( Seems like a great product <3


  8. Thanks guys! I wish I suited being paler trust me haha!x

  9. I need to be trying that lotion. What a bargain!x