Thursday, 28 July 2011

.July Glossy Box.

Better late than never I suppose!  I haven't posted my previous two Glossy Boxes simply because I am never in when it arrives, and due to my post office having silly opening times, I have to wait aaaaages until I can pick it up and by then I feel I have missed the boat somewhat!  But this month, I feel, is the best one yet so I was very intrigued to see what I got as everyone's varies slightly.

For people who don't know what Glossy Box is (I'm more than sure all you fellow avid blog  readers already do, but to benefit any of my friends that read this) its a monthly subscription service for £10 (p&p 2.95 from Sep) and you receive 5 deluxe samples, if not full size products, of high end beauty products to try out! Obviously right up my street, not that I need any more beauty products but who cares!

I was SO happy with what I received, couldn't have picked it better myself!

So pretty I had to swatch it for you!

This months box came with 4 full size products!! For £10!  The lip gloss alone is usually £13.
The lip gloss is an amazing colour, if a bit sticky for me but will be great to have in my kit.  The lashes are gorgeous and so thick, again another great addition to my kit.
The Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil smells amazing and feels lovely on the skin.
I love the Ciate nail polish, the colour is right up my street and their brushes are lovely and fat so makes application a doddle.
Saving the best till last; Xen Tan woohooo! I was hoping I'd get this, its a self tan I have been desperate to try but not wanted to shell out on before I know what its like, this just sums up what Glossy Box is about and I'm all over it!!

Thanks for reading, sorry if this is your millionth viewing of a Glossy Box blog post!

x Lucy x


  1. I cancelled after last month's epic fail but did like the look of this month's. Well the tan, lashes and polish! Knowing my luck though I'd have got something else so glad I cancelled!x

  2. I thought I would just hang on, I agree, last months wasn't the best for me either but I still like the fact that I'm gona get sent a surprise box every month! xx

  3. July was my first and I have a feeling they won't be able to keep up with full size products. I love it though! Got different items to you though.

    Love your blog :)


  4. Hey Laura, Thanks! Yes it would be amazing if they do but I wouldn't expect them to at all. Either way I'd be happy xx

  5. OOh ivenever heard of these but they sound great - all of those products for a tenner? I need this in my life - where can you get them from??
    Ive just found ur blog and loving it - just read all your tanning reviews - handy for me as I was just thinking about a new one to try!!
    Look forward to reading more from you!
    Sam xx

  6. Hey sam thanks!! Im silly and forgot to include the link!just go to and click subscribe!
    Such a lovely comment thank you!! x

  7. Ive been huming and hawing about getting a subscription, it was a shame the last months box was so pants. I don't like that they are putting the price up either. I might wait a while longer and see if the quality of the boxes stays consistent.