Friday, 18 March 2011


..Sleek avoir la peche..

LOVE these, so cheap and so pretty!  I got mine from Superdrug and they both cost around £5.  I will do a tutorial using them soon so you can see them on and how they apply! 

P.S Why my hand looks so red and like I've got wearing off fake tan I have no idea!! I haven't worn fake tan in months, promise!

x Lucy x


  1. The pout polish looks like a must have are they quite moisturising? Kind of scared of the blush though!

  2. I love the blush! Gorgeous!

  3. hey guys!

    Lissa - the pout polish is lovely! quite sheer but you can build the colour up if you want too, the smell, texture, just about everything is exactly the same as the mac lip conditioners!

    Gaby - the blush is literally my new fave i think! its quite sheer on first application, but the second makes it pretty pigmented!

    thanks for reading and commenting xx

  4. This collection sold out so quick in the superdrug near me. A friend picked up the blush for me though, collecting it tonight, it looks gorgeous! x

  5. yes i was surprised when i saw it so had to snap it up!! enjoy yours! x