Friday, 18 March 2011

.Z Palettes.

I have wanted some z palettes for a while now, in fact I have wanted them for aaaages, ever since I saw Kandee Johnson with them!  We must be talking years in that case :/ but anyway when I got the email saying there were two days in February they were offering 20% off I thought I definitely couldn't hold off any longer and if anyone, like me, has ever worked for a makeup brand you will know how you get given loooaads of eyeshadows just in their pans and mine were just sitting in a draw so I went ahead and purchased the Z Palettes!

After the expensive shipping charge (they were coming from America) and the £20 customs charge plus the charge from the post office to get them re-delivered I might as well have bought them from PAM in Sheperds Bush (typical long-winded me) but anyhoo I have them now and can finally use some gorgeous colours I had from NARS, By Terry and Chantecaille that I absolutely LOVE.

This is what they look like - 

Anyone else own some Z Palettes?  Tell me what you think of yours!

x Lucy x


  1. I love my Z-Palette... but I'm too scare to depot the rest of my eyeshadows & blushers. I've only depoted a handful, and they all crumbled because I used too much force and not enough heat :( Luckily, I knew how to fix crumbled powders, so it wasn't a big deal. Do you have any fool proof and easy ways to depot? I'm a bit chicken to try out the straight iron method, but that seems to be the best method, no?

  2. I too get scared of depotting! Especially blushers because they are bigger they tend to break more easily but as long as I use enough heat it does tend to be fine. I noticed on youtube that Wayne Goss Makeup artist has made a video on an oven method...i haven't watched it yet but it could be a good one! x