Wednesday, 23 March 2011

.New favourite brown eyes.

One of my bestest most favouritest friends ever (yes that is correct english) bought me a couple of mac products the other day, isn't that lovely!  One is a shadow I have wanted for about a million years that almost everyone else owns....woodwinked!  She also got me one of the superslick liquid liners and I've never actually tried these but the colour is amazing (defiantly feline) and they literally don't budge!

Woodwinked is a lot more bronze than I expected but I still love it and the colour pay off is really good.

I highly recommend the superslick liner if you haven't tried it!

x Lucy x


  1. looooovely colours! awesome bessie eh. xo.

  2. You're lucky to have such lovely friends ;)
    I have an Art Deco eyeliner which looks exactly the same as this Mac one (waterproff, same packaging/wand/ml contents, etc). I've also read that this Mac liquid liner is a very close match to the Illamasqua liner, which is made in Germany. Since the Art Deco I'm currently using is made in Germany too, may I ask where this Mac liner is made? Thanks in advance

  3. shes nice in't she hehe! i have no idea where its made but by the sounds of it - germany i reckon haha! would be interesting to find out though, ill ask next time im in the pro store! thanks for commenting guys! xx

  4. Gorgeous combination! Just found you on youtube, love your videos! :)

  5. ahh thank you, i dont make them often enough but i love doing them! x