Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring Nail Picks...

I have recently sorted through all the nail varnishes in my kit and decided that I should put some back in to my personal collection as I never end up using certain colours on jobs and they are just sitting there not getting used!  I have around 60 something which I think is fairly standard among us nail polish lovers... please agree with me!

I have taken to keeping them in this hat box of my mums (she doesn't know about it yet) and theres lots of room for more! I really want the Deborah Lippmann 'Shake Your Groove Thing' (pictured below) to wear over a pinky nude (possibly No.7 'Practically Perfect') but I can't quite bring myself to spend that much on a nail polish that I'll probably only use a handful of times!  If anyone knows any cheaper dupes let me know!

Ok small tangent of lust over, here are my favourite spring nail colours from my collection.

From left to right: No.7 'Practically Perfect', H&M 'Pear Icecream', Topshop 'Listen to Me', Barry M 'Peach Melba', Revlon but name has rubbed off...the minty one, Barry M 'Berry', Barry M 'Blue Moon'.

I am about to apply the Topshop one as I haven't worn it for aaaaages!

Whats your favourite pastel polish?  And please someone find me a due for the Deborah Lippmann one!

Today I decided to start making tutorial videos again as I have the time at the moment and I really fancy doing it!  The first one I filmed turned out all red and weird because I filmed it on the wrong setting, and the second one cut out half way because my battery died, gah!  But I'll get there eventually so look out for my new videos!


  1. Love your picks!

    Rebecca xx

  2. I have Shake Your Groove Thing but I have never thought of wearing it on top of a pinky nude polish! It's pretty great on its own when applied properly though.

    Peach Melba must be my all time favorite polish!

  3. Lovely colours, pastel shades are my favourites!