Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Buying things...

I've been spending money again....but anyway lets not dwell on that! 
I recently purchased Bioderma for the first time, probably a crime as I'm a Makeup Artist but I got there eventually (so many products, so little time) and I am in the LOVE IT camp definitely.  My heavy mascara application slides off  like a dream, it also takes off the rest of my makeup really effectively as the second cotton pad is always clean AND it doesn't sting my eyes in the slightest.  I'm glad I finally got round to that purchase. 

I picked up the Garnier Summer Body today, I'm loving how the beautiful weather is topping up my travelling tan nicely but its not going to last forever so I thought this will do just the trick without stepping back in to full on fake tan land yet.

I just needed some nail varnish yeah that's pretty boring.

I have recently become a massive fan of essiebutton's youtube channel, that lady is pure entertainment, she has a beautiful face, fact, and she also gives great advice!  I heard her mention Flexitol a while ago and put it on my mental wish list but when she mentioned it again in her last video I remembered that I NEED THAT!  Basically I've used it once and I already love it, my nails are usually bendy and flaky and generally rubbish but my first application of this today has already made my nails seriously strong, I'm actually struggling to bend them at all. Weird but CLEVER!!

Oh and I'd forgotten my love for Elle Magazine but bought one to read in the sun on Sunday and I think I need to subscribe once and for all, it always has the best beauty pages!

I'm off now, hope you are all enjoying this incredible weather xxx


  1. Where did you get your Bioderma Lu? x

    1. A seller on ebay! if you search bioderma its the second one along i have just checked! it came in two days! xx

  2. Oooh! Flexitol aye? I might have to give it a go too, I've been using CND nail oil for cuticles at night which is lovely, I have dry flakey nails too xx

    1. its really good! havent tried the CND one though, but im seriously sold on this one and its only about £5! x