Sunday, 14 August 2011

.What's in My Wash bag.

This weekend I have had the pleasure of popping home to Bristol to see my family and friends and thought I would do a quick post to show you what I brought along in my wash bag as most of these products are my ultimate essentials at the moment!

You may have read my blog post from a while ago slating this wash bag and I can't say I've changed my mind about it, but its just a very useful size.

My absolute favourites are:

Lauren's Way Self Tan - You know how much I love this, you can enter my give away by clicking on the picture of Lauren's way on the right hand panel!

Batiste Dry Shampoo- I use it in between washes (every other day) so I don't have to wash my hair every day.  Life saver.

L'oreal Volume Architect - I 100% need a volume spray and at the moment I'm trying out this one, I like it but I'm pretty sure I get more volume from the Innova one, and it is a lot cheaper

VO5 Heat Protect - I only bought this the other day and have used it once but I always use a heat protector and this one smells amazing!!  Like Angel perfume!

INNOVA Volumising Powder - I have reviewed this on here and I absolutely love it!  I only tend to use it for a night out but its great for an extra boost of volume.

LOVING all my skincare at the moment but that will all be explained in detail on my next post.

The nail polishes are some of my current faves, especially the Ciate one.

Thanks for reading!

x Lucy x


  1. Did all the items fit in the bag?? Impressive although yes it looks a but manky (not to be confused with dirty) xx

  2. Love the bag!

    Might I request an updated 'skin routine'/ 'current-favorite-products-of-the moment' video?

    Hope you had a wonderful time =)

  3. Every time I read one of your posts, I want something new. I neeeeed anything that helps with volume!x

  4. Love this post and your washbag is so cute. I love Oilatum moisturiser. Can't wait to give Laurens Way a go too x x

  5. Vodkaandroses - Haha yes surprisingly they do all fit in, that is a good thing about that bag! x

    Farah - Thank you! My next post will be my updated skin care routine so yes is the answer! x

    princesselfy - Haha sorry reading blog posts is a very dangerous thing! ;) x

    Stacey - Thanks! I agree the washbag is sweet, but it cost me like $30 and its so cheap quality wise haha oh well! LOVE Oilatum! x

  6. Love the post, such great products! I really want to try out some volumising powder myself.

    I actually just put up a really similar post myself just before I clicked onto your blog :p


  7. I love the customized bag! I will be doing one of these post's this week too, will be interesting to see if we have anything similar! x

  8. Bow Tied Beauty - Thanks! You should defo try the volumising powder! Just about to check out your post now! x

    Kia - I'll keep my eye out for you post! x