Friday, 19 August 2011

.Must have's for my Travels?.

I'm off travelling in a couple of months with the boyfriend and I can't ACTUALLY wait, we will be bouncing around South East Asia for nearly 3 months, seeing lots of amazing sights and doing lots of amazing/scary things (I'm a bit of a scaredy cat).  So obviously one of the most important lists I'm trying to compile guessed it, makeup/hair/toiletries, all of that milarky.  

I don't want to be ridiculous and take a mountain of stuff that I will instantly regret bringing, but at the same time I don't want to forget a vital item that I just can't live without, and then spend three months pining after it!  I'm not actually that sad but you know what I mean!

My main aim whilst out there is to look effortless but acceptable (in my case this takes a bit of work) and I need YOUR help!

Below are some examples of my ideal traveller look....hahahahaaahaha ahh a girl can dream!

Anyway, enough of that!  

So the main products I' would love some suggestions of are - 

 A fab tinted moisturiser for when I go out that wont make me the shiniest girl in the world 

Some nice UV protective shampoo and conditioner 

Any fabby waterproof eye makeup products 

Ooh, I also would love to know about any SPF's for the face that don't break you out if you are prone to that kind of thing, because I for one, am!  Big time!

Whatever you think is a 'must have' if you have ever been travelling to a hot country or even something you have loved whilst on holiday, let me know about it!!

I'm really looking forward to your suggestions!!

x Lucy x


  1. Clinique do a lovely tinted moisturiser but its only a SPF 15. I've used it many times this summer and it doesn't leave me shiny but does give good coverage. Its the Moisture Surge one.
    I would also take a good bronzer pref a matt one that teamed with a mascara and some gloss and you are set for almost every day with minimal products xxxx

  2. I went travelling a couple of summers ago and i have to say i hardly wore make up which was great - once you get into it you just have a travellers glow i'm sure!

    I just too a foundation, mascara and eyeliner for nights out and that was it!

    Enjoy travelling and don't worry about being a scaredy cat - i was too but you find when you're out there you will be more brave!! I'm scared of drowning but went sea kayaking, lived on a boat for 2 days, navy seal rolled of a dinghy and snorkelled! It was amazing!


  3. A good SPF for your face and that is super gentle is klorane's enfant spf 30 spray. It doesn't have any parabens and is so gentle to your skin because it's basically made for kids. Also , it doesn't add oil to your face neither does it dry it in the humid heat of south east asia :) Where about are you going ?

  4. Yes do you know I really want to try the Clinique BB cream!! I will try that one too, I'm assuming i would wear it more at night time so spf wouldnt really matter. and you have reminded me I need to invest in a matt bronzer! thanks lovely xx

  5. xxShivvyxx - thank you, thats great to hear, I'm hoping I will toughen up a bit when im there!!

    Laura's Bible - Thanks so much, I've not heard of that one! I will try it! we are off to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore!!


  6. your blog is lovely. i am now following. i hope you can follow back.

  7. Hi, i'm a new follower, really enjoying your blog so far.

    I'm half chinese so i've spent a fair few summers in hong kong and travelling around and its surprising the difference in availability of products. They sell gorgeous cosmetics, especially hk and singapore.

    If you want bronzer bring it with you, they don't tend to sell it in drug stores, you'll only be able to pick it up department stores, i've seen it in nars, but few other places.

    I have yet to find a tinted moisturiser which is not shiny, but in asia they have every kind of bb cream imaginable, and i generally find these to be quite matte, but they are made for pale skin tones only in asia, so you might end up with a tanned body and pale face.

    Asians are obsessed with staying pale, so everything has tons of spf and they tend to sell spf50 quite commonly, and everyone is obsessed with skin care and asians often have oily skin so they are generally quite good. Take plenty of your regular moisturiser, as most of the ones in asia will include whitening products.

    Also you featured batiste in a previous post, i only found this rarely in hk, i don't think they sell it widely in asia. plus the weather and going from heat to cold air-conditioning made my hair really gross, i was hunting everywhere for it!!!

    Also, depending on your preferences, tampons are generally more difficult to find, whereas pads are widely available.

    Good luck, I hope you have a lovely trip!!

  8. lauren conrad is beautiful. lol. i wish i was as hot as her. ;) and i just got a wonderful bronzing pallete from too faced - it's called the bronzed and the beautiful. check it out!

    ps: if you are in the mood for some new beauty products of your choice - check out my GIVEAWAY! :)

    love, rach.

  9. Michelle - thank you for such a helpful comment!! Thank you!!! x

    rach - shes amazing eh!! x

  10. the best sun protection i've found is by paula's choice, it's spf 45+ and it's designed to work as a primer - but you can slap it all over your body too. i use it in the uk cause im a deathly paley and i love it but it's so so good, only sun protector i've found that doesn't leave your face oily and grim, argh!
    tinted moisturiser by no7 is amazing, as is aveda's but the coverage is not amazing.. i think maybe you'd be better with a mineral foundation? will let skin breathe and keep a gorgeous glow :)
    best waterproof eye make up is gel eyeliner, my fave is mac - bit awkward with the brush though. my favourite pen eyeliner is bourjois, i've used this since my hardened days of being a 16 year old emo (not joking)and it stays put really well.

    have an amazing timeeee!! so jel! lol xxxxx

  11. Hey Zoe! thanks so much for all your advice! i will check out Paulas Choice, sounds excellent! and ive been thinking about trying the no7 tinted moist too so will have to give it a go now!

    xxx Ta Muchly! xxx