Sunday, 7 August 2011

.More Volume Courtesy of INNOVA and My Daily Hair Routine.

I have already reviewed a couple of products from Indola's INNOVA range on my 'Quest for Volume' post, but I have been yet to review this one for you guys!  The product on the right; Hair Thickening Elixir Setting....Lotion I spose, or gel?  Haha pretty random group of words but it does describe what it does!  This post also includes how I do my hair on a daily basis, replacing my usual volumising product (which at the moment is the bottle in the middle) for the INNOVA lotion/gel. 

The above two photos are from the previous INNOVA post but new ones coming below!

Its a gel type formula and you apply it to damp hair, I applied it at the roots mainly and dragged the excess through the lengths of my hair.  I blow dried my hair upside down (decided not to take a silly picture this time) and then styled my hair as normal which at the moment involves putting all my hair in a bun on top of my head (preferably while its still a little hot from the heat of the hair dryer, this helps to increase volume, as all the hair is pulled upwards and also encourage the curl to stay) while I do my makeup (in this case I had already done my makeup so the bun literally had 5 minutes in my hair) then I run the GHD's through my fringe in a quick curling-under motion to give it a bit of bounce and shine.  A couple of minutes before I leave the house, and hopefully when my hair has cooled and taken a little bit of curl from the bun, I take it down and spray through the ends some of the L'oreal Tecni Art Constructor Spray.   I then do a scrunching action with my fingers whilst it dries and I'm good to go!  

Just after I have blow dried, bit messy but nice and full.

The bun I let it cool down in.

I have now taken it out of the bun and scrunched a little L'oreal Constructor through the ends.

This gives you more of an idea of the kind of waves I achieve.

This is just my everyday style so its quite rough and unperfected but thats how I like it!

I really liked the INNOVA product, it definitely helped me in the volume and thickness department but because I prefer a spray product I will probably use the INNOVA Thickening Spray more often!

INNOVA products available to buy at

Hope you liked guys, and I hope you have entered my Lauren's Way Tanning Lotion give away below!!

x Lucy x

p.s these are PR samples but I have given you 100% my honest opinion as always!


  1. Must give this range a go as my fine hair needs all the help it can get! Your hair is gorge!x

  2. I'm on such a mission to get some decent volumising products, so your review was so helpful!
    And on a side note, you have absolutely gorgeous hair, I'm quite jealous xx

  3. Thanks guys!! My hair really isn't gorgeous though, it needs lots of work to look nice! This is the easiest way I have found to style my hair without too much heat and minimal time!


  4. You have gorgeous hair! Your eyebrows are amazing shape too - strange things to compliment on but... :p xx

  5. You look really lovely, I like the upside down photo! ;p These products look amazing, where did you say we can buy them from? I've got that V05 Give me Texture Ooomph powder that's pretty good xx

  6. Thanks Miss Catt!!

    Thanks for the eyebrow compliment, I appreciate it!!

    Thanks Stacey ;D oh bloody hell the link, im so bad haha, ill pop it in the post now!!


  7. Souch shiny hair! <3
    swedish bohemian gal who just started blogging. Join me :)

  8. Looks so lovely on you. Wish my hair did that naturally! Mine is REALLY curly and when blow dried I look like I have a mane! I then have to go through it all with my ghds to achieve a naturally wavy look. It's so much hassle!