Friday, 5 August 2011

.Laurens Way Self Tanning Lotion Giveaway. NOW CLOSED.

YEY!  If you read my blog you will know I am already a massive fan of Lauren's Way Self Tanning Lotion, and now I am giving you lucky people the chance to win a bottle!  Woohoo!

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3. Comment below with a top tanning tip or anything you like really (even just a hello)!  One comment per person.  This is worldwide so anyone's welcome!

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The giveaway closing date is 19.08.11 (midday), two weeks from today!  It will be a nice Friday treat for the winner!

I will choose the winning person using

**If you are having trouble commenting on this blog post, fear not you can still enter by emailing me at just type 'Lauren's Way Entry' in to the subject box!  Just make sure you follow my blog and Lauren's Way on Twitter still.  Damn Blogger, theres always issues with it!**

Discount/Coupon Code:
I you just can't wait until the closing date or are unlucky this time you have until the 31.08.11 to use my exclusive discount/coupon code giving you 25% off!!  Just enter 'blog456' in the Coupon Code section at the check out.  
P&P still applies.

Thanks to everyone to enters, I hope you are as excited as I am about my first giveaway!

x Lucy x

The competition has now closed, thank you to everyone who entered and well done to the winner - Jenna!!


  1. Always exfoliate before applying fake tan !
    Following your blog
    Retweeted giveaway @DanielleWelsh2

  2. Moisturise elbows, knees and achilles heel! Everyone is raving about this I need it! I follow you and Laurens Way on Twitter and will tweet now lovey xx

  3. Ive seen so many good reviews of this I feel I HAVE to try it now.

    Like many people will probably say - Exfoliate and moisturise! Always Apply using a tanning mitt!

    I follow you and Laurens way on twitter.
    Tweeted about this giveaway.
    I am a follower vi GFC.

    Leannemarieamor(At)gmail(dot)com xx

  4. Always use gloves to apply, then after doing hands scrub palms on a towel to avoid orange mitts :-)
    Sounds like a fab product, thinking of all the free time i'd gain back if it lasts that long! :-) xx

  5. Hey hey, follow you everywhere and love the blog!!! Don't put it on in the dark!!xxxx

  6. Oh my tip is to put latex gloves on under the tanning mitt to avoid getting orange stained nails - especially if you have long nails!

    Follow via GFC (Jenna Suth)
    and I follow you both on Twitter



  7. I won't lie, i haven't really used a lot of fake tan in a while, i only have the basic tips, so use gloves to avoid you hands getting orange!! <3 xx

  8. wow great give-away heard many great reviews on this product!
    my tip:
    dot a small amount of Vaseline along your brows and next to your hair line as orange eyebrows aren't a good look!:}

    I'm a follower on twitter and just tweeted your giveaway(alicee657)

    Thanks chick!xxx

  9. I'm so excited this giveaway! I've read so many reviews of Lauren's Way and everyone seems to love it.
    My top tip: Simple but I always use a tanning mitt, I can't find mine at the moment and I'm lost without it!

    Love your blog by the way!
    Thanks xx

  10. My top tanning tip is: To remove your tan use ex-foliating gloves and put some of Morrison's own Lemon Soap on the glove then scrub lightly and it removes the tan straight away :) xx

  11. L'Amour Lauran's Tanning Top Tip: If you're using a spray bottle tan stand in your shower whilst applying. It'll save your walls and floor and the shower will wash all the product away when you're done :D

    Great giveaway Lucy!

    Much Love,

  12. Top tip - don't forget your ears! Pale lugs, tanned face=obvious tannage!
    Fab giveaway :)

  13. top tip; add lemon juice to your bath to help git rid of the last of your fake tan!


  14. Dont forget to exfoliate before you tan!! :)
    My Twitter is "TinaRichardsss"

    Support me on my blog? Will be doing a giveaway when i hit 50 followers.

  15. I don't have a tanning tip - as i have never really used fake tan. I have tried the FCUK instant tan, way back when, and loved it.

    I'd love to try this as my best friend is FOREVER going on about it. I love the concept, that it's an instant tanner, but can be left to slowly build colour. Genius.

    My twitter is : RachelHurley
    My blog (please people check it out, Im a newbie) is

  16. Tan all of your body leaving your hands and feet last and then use whatever tan is left on the mitt and go over your feet and hands!

    I follow your blog and twitter and have also tweeted too :)
    Twitter Username: @JasmineLambton

    Great giveaway! Email:

  17. Looks like a great product! I mix body lotion with the fake tan to make it extra moisturising and streak free.

  18. Once you've applied the fake tan, top it up every few days by mixing with palmers coco butter - it smells good, lasts longer, is streak free and moustrises! What more could you possibly want!
    Great giveaway - would love to try this product!

  19. Exfoliate and moisturise! Always Apply using a tanning mitt!

  20. I'm really pale so if I miss a bit when tanning its really obvious! So make sure you really do cover everywhere, using a tanning mitt! Example; the time I got the best ever coverage on my arms and hands, only to find that the creases on my finger joints showed up stripy white whenever I clenched my fist! (which was quite often once I'd found out and was naffed off with the zebra effect!)
    Here's my blog, twitter @CassiefairyTutu I'm a tutu-maker if you want to check me out! X

  21. if you get fake tan on your hands wen applying wash them with toothpaste as soon as you have finished, it works :)

    follow me on twiiter @_charlharrison


  22. Laurens Way tanning lotion looks amazing! I've been wanting to try it for a little while now, especially since Xen Tan broke me out in spots :(

    Tan from your feet upwards to avoid rubbing excess tanning lotion in already applied areas. Also I just use whatevers left on my tanning mitt to tan my hands, if I apply anymore product to them and rub the backs of my hands together it just doesn't work for me!

    Gem x

  23. I follow you via GFC as Joy.
    My tanning tip is if you get fake tan in places you don't want it or want to take it off, wash the area with a little washing/laundry powder and it will come right off :)

  24. I have only bought / used fake tan once, however the type I bought was far too dark for me. My housemate ended up using it to enter a karaoke competition as Tina Turner.

    So I suppose my tip would be to check it works for you? However I have no idea how to do this. I did try to sample the one I bought but must have got confused in the shop.

    To make up for my useless tip I tweeted about you @laserbaser

    x x x

  25. Hi,
    Just found your blog via Twitter, and am now following both here and on Twitter.
    My tanning tip is that I always go over my tan with one of those St Tropez buffing mitts, especially around ankles, knees etc, it after applying, it really helps avoid streaks.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  26. always moisturise your tan! it makes it fade naturally instead of it turning into blotchy patches ohhh and it makes your skin smell soooo good:) xx

  27. Hey :)
    My top tanning tip is to exfoliate and moisturise before you tan! Definitely makes all the difference! :)

    Please enter me my lovely!
    GFC - hannah.
    Email -


  28. Loving the blog Lucy...I'm an avid reader (and youtube watcher!) Just wish I was adept enough to actually implement your amazing tips! L xxx

  29. do it AFTER the shower hehe


  30. following via GFC (jade hewitt) and twitter (@toofat4fashion)

    also following Laurens_way on twitter

    my tip is test the colour of fake tan on an inconspicuous area first, you don't want to be orange all over if its the wrong shade!


  31. I always moisturise 1st so the tan isnt too dark or too orange!
    LOVE your blog, and follow you and laurens way on twitter (MakeUpByAlice) :)

  32. GFC Name: shopping bag full of dreams,
    Top Tip: Always use a tanning mit to apply fake tan :)

    fingers crossed :) xx

  33. Top Tip: Moisturize to avoid darker patches! :)
    Love your blog (joined) and followed Laurens_way on twitter :)

  34. My tip is to always apply moisturiser, even if you think you don't need it - you will!
    following with GFC (fiona cleaver)
    following laurens way tan and your own twitter
    great giveaway!

  35. Top tip: Never ever EVER tan after drinking wine... The morning after result is never pretty.

    JenMuirMUA - Twitter Follower (Hello!)

  36. Hi,
    If you have dry skin, exfoliate before tanning, and also moisturize in the places that are most dry such as elbox knees, feet.
    When applying to the face, don't add more lotion, just use whatevers left on your tanning mitt.
    Also, after applying the lotion, have a shower 6 hours after, that way it will all tone out and be less streaky!

  37. Lemon Juice is great to get rid of DHA, which is the #1 ingredient in most sunless (fake tan) products.

  38. omg, what a great giveaway!
    my tanning tip is to do your tanning at night, and sleep in bedding which you use especially for tanning and wake up as a bronze goddess. no need to wait around till the tan develops xx
    i am a follower on gfc x

  39. Ooh I'll have to re-do my comment! Only just remembered.
    My tanning tip is just to exfoliate, I don't use fake tan much as I can't find one I really like!

  40. as many have said exfoliate before tanning and always use gloves or mits which ever is your preferance but i also find it essential to have a cold can of diet coke (to which im probebly addicted to) when tanning to relax with after sed application just while it drys slightly!.. also i find it important to tan in good light

  41. Wear gloves so you don't stain your hands :)
    @NicoleFoulia on Twitter x

  42. I'm new to twitter and the blog world. I follow towie and Laurens way. I would really like to win the Laurens way tan, at the min I use fake bake but it's running out now. I'm a mommy and love to pamper myself when u have the time. I use the scrub with my exfoliate mits then apply :D x x x

  43. Never ever tan with deodorant still on, you will get green armpits!!! The alcohol on deodorant reacts with the tan not good! And simply never leave any White patches/spots! Xxx missie_Victoria on twitter xx

  44. If your as naturally pastey as me, build up the tan gradually over 2/3 days for that perfect lauren's way essex tan!!!!

  45. on the third day after a spray tan make sure you exfoliate to make sure your tan comes of evenly :)

  46. Vaseline on your eyebrows before applying fake tan to your face will save orange eyebrows or slightly discoloured ones (especially if you are fair like me!) xx