Thursday, 17 March 2011

.LP Skin Therapy.

This week I was very kindly given this new range to try by Dr. Linda Papadopoulos PhD.  I have done Linda's makeup many times over the years, she is such a lovely lady and always a pleasure to paint as she is such a beauty!

Linda is a well known psychologist and also a leader in the field of psychodermatology, she believes there is a direct link between how you feel and how you look, something I completely agree with!  This skincare range tackles the external factors of ageing, such as pollution and sun damage but also the internal causes of premature ageing; stress.  This is the first skincare range to address this cause.

This range is for all skin types but when reading more in depth about it, I realised it was better for my skin type than I initially thought (my skin is prone to breakouts but also dry), as when the body is anxious it produces more of the hormone cortisol and this can result in blocked pores, breakouts and premature ageing, this is what LP Skin Therapy uniquely addresses - perfect!  It consists of a balancing face wash, an uplifting facial water, multi-task day cream, overnight replenish cream, refining lip exfoliator, lip rescue gel, untired eye cream (for under eyes) and re-affirm eye serum (for lids).

Head to the LP Skin Therapy site CLICK HERE to find out individual prices and descriptions of what each product does and can offer you.  Prices range from £15 - £47.  I highly recommend the refining lip exfoliator (the perfect primer before lipstick) and the day and night moisturisers!

Let me know if you have tried it already and what you think.  I shall update you in a month or so.

Thanks for reading!

x Lucy x


  1. The packaging is so pretty and classy! Looking forward to your reviews x

  2. I've bought the try me kit from qvc just waiting for them to come can't wait to start using them, I have very sensitive skin so hopefully it will take away the redness off my face. Suffer with eczema too, do you think this skincare range will work with my type of skin?

  3. I would have said all of it will be lovely for sensitive skin apart from the eye creams, I found them a bit too much for me but they may be fine with you as I gave them to a Greek friend and she loved them!