Friday, 17 September 2010

.emma hardie skincare review.
right, i have finally finished my emma hardie skincare starter kit...well, i finished a couple weeks ago but i've only just had time to write my review, here y'are...  

i define 'finishing' by, getting to the end of my moisturiser, nearly getting to the end of my cleansing balm and still having a whole pot of rose hip scrubbing beads left!  oh and i still have a couple uses of the eye cream (!!) which is amazing as it was only a sample size and i've been using it morning and night for weeks!  i'm stretching it out as far as i can manage because surprisingly, to me anyway, it was my favourite of the lot!  i have noticed that the fine lines i was getting underneath the outer corner of my lower lash line have pretty much gone (very pleasing, i was worried i was severely ageing prematurely) and the fact that you can take it right up to the lash line pleases me too.  when using an average eye cream that you have to apply no further in than the orbital bone it concerns me that parts of my eye area wont be getting suitably hydrated (things like that bring out the worrier in me).  so the eye cream a BIG winner.  

the cleanser and moisturiser were nice, but not life changing... for me.  they made my skin feel lovely to touch, but didn't do anything crazily special for my breakouts or tightness.  i admit i had high expectations and unfortunately they weren't met but it is, so far, an impossible task with my skin as i have just about every problem under the sun!  if you have a dull or dry skin type but not overly dry then i think you will love it because your skin does feel amazing afterwards and it does give you a healthy glow, its just not enough for my troublesome complexion.

the rosehip beads were fine, but i realised its actually really annoying having to use a dollop of cleanser to apply the scrub, plus with the cleansing cloth provided i didn't really need the extra exfoliation and actually that in its self was very impressive to me.  i would say the cloth is by far the best one i have tried, the muslin side is just as good as any muslin cloth but the micro fibre side is great and leaves your skin feeling seriously clean and soft!

i hope this is helpful for anyone who's interested in the range, but it is important to remember that what does or doesn't work for me may not be the same for you.

if you want to view my video introduction to the emma hardie range then visit my youtube channel and if you scroll down my videos you will see it there -

let me know if you have tried it and what you think of it!


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