Friday, 17 September 2010

.new things at space nk.

as most of you know by now i work in space nk along side my freelance work, but i have hardly been there recently so when i went in yesterday there were sooooo many new products! i spent most of my day going 'oooh whats that?' and ahhh that looks nice!'  anyway i thought i would share my discoveries with you!

.nars nail colours.

the dark green is my fave but im not sure about the brushes on nars polishes, they dont allow for the most accurate of application and it takes aaaaages to dry, having said that once it is dry it will not chip!
.laura mercier creme smooth foundation.

this is a new foundation by laura, i've only had a play on the back of my hand and i'm very interested to see what its like on as it looks very highly pigmented like all the laura mercier foundations but also very thin at the same time.  seems like it could be a really good coverage without having to wear too much product on your skin!  sounds good to me, i'll try it and let you know what i think.  its £40 so i have high expectations!

.nude advanced cellular renewal serum.

an overnight treatment made with probiotics to repair cellular damage and stimulate cellular renewal (basically anti-ageing), peptides to stimulate collagen production and it has a special system that restores and protects the hyaluronic acid in the skin.  i am keen to try this!  plus i love the packaging. 

.diptique eau duelle.

gorgeous winter fragrance with  notes of juniper berry, frankincense and vanilla.  yum.

there were about a million more things but theres a taster for you!


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