Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fun and easy nails...

I am yet to try the Impress nails that I have heard so many great things about, I have been put off by the price tag and the lack of designs/colours I like.  I was asked if I would like to try Brit Rocks Nails, another brand of pre-glued nails, here are my thoughts.

Good points:
1. They take about a minute to apply
2. Fun, on trend designs.
3. Perfect for a night out or one off event
4. Great for those with short nails who don't want ridiculously long talons

Bad Points:
1. They don't feel overly secure.
2. The glue strip is a little thick on some of them not allowing them to sit completely flat.

These are perfect to jazz up an outfit for a night out and so easy to use but I wouldn't recommend them if you are after nails you can wear for a week.

You can buy them from www.eyelashhq.co.uk for £4.50.

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