Thursday, 15 March 2012

Random Purchases...

The dangerous part of living back in Bristol is that I can walk to Cabot Circus (our main shopping area) in about 10-15 minutes!  This has not been kind to my bank balance, but I'm seeing it as something I need to just get out of my system and then I'll stop accidentally wondering down there in my free time!

I picked up these things the other day...

I thought I had lost both my pairs of Tweezermans so I thought I'd try out a cheaper alternative in the Cosmopolitan version, three for about £6.50!  Very cheap and actually great quality!  Turns out my Tweezermans were hiding in my set bag, ooops!

I saw this beautiful bracelet/bangle in Warehouse and had to get it, they do a navy version too. 

I'm in need of losing a few extra travelling pounds, so I thought I would try the 30 Day Shred!!  I'm very excited about this, I love a diet or fitness DVD and this one has been talked about so much I thought I would see what all the fuss is about.  I started it yesterday and loved it the first time round, the two ladies that do the routine with her couldn't be more of an inspiration to get in shape!  I got mine in HMV for £10 but I know you can get it on Amazon for less.

Of course there are always a few makeup purchases; I always use this mascara, its brilliant at volumising and lengthening and gets better with age, luurve it.  I love lip stains as I can never be bothered to top up my lip colour, if I choose to wear one, and I couldn't resist this red one.  I haven't tried a Revlon one before so I will do a post on it soon, its such a gorgeous colour!

And lastly, I love Rimmel Pro polishes!  The massive brush makes it so easy to apply, this one is a murky khaki green, right up my street!

I'm scared to say there are more haul posts coming up, thanks for reading!


  1. I've heard great things about the 30 day shred and have been wanting to try it myself actually!

  2. I'll update when I have been doing it for a few weeks!! The level 1 workout wasn't actually that hard so im intrigued to see if it will have an effect!

  3. Oh my goodness Im on day 4 for 30day Shred and I hurt all over! I reckon you must be loads fitter than me as I'm busted doing it!


  4. 30 Day Shred is hardcore, I need to get off my backside and get back into it. I've got some pounds to lose too!
    Just recently tried out a MaxFactor lip stain and wasn't blown away, wonder if the Revlon ones are any better? Love the idea of them though as I'm also guilty of not topping up lip colour once I'm out x

  5. The Warehouse bracelet/bangle is so nice! Love it! :)