Friday, 9 March 2012

At Work...

I took some pictures of my makeup station at 'The Alan Titchmarsh Show' the other day, so I thought I would share them with you.  I have been working on the show for nearly 5 years now, we have just finished working on this series but will be back in September....I doubt any of you watch regularly..... its not exactly our age group ;)
 They're not great photos but I thought you might want to nosy anyway....I always do!

Me, slightly weary after a days work!

Just slightly MAC heavy photo!

Yes that IS four Real Techniques Blush Brushes.

I would love to see posts like this from other Makeup Artists, its always so interesting to see how other people's work stations look!  Mine is usually just chaos, I'm a very messy worker but I'm desperate for a new way or organising my kit!  Send me the link if you have seen any!


  1. Wow I really liked this post!! That is alot of makeup xxx

  2. ITV Tissues????? Ha!
    Nice to see how other MUA's lay out their kit. I am quite compact in comparison though when have room to spread it all out, I do. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. OMG!! Lucy, I cannot believe how long your hair is use to be way shorter than it looks the same length....I need to go travelling in Bali....!!;)) x

  4. This is so interesting to get an inside glimpse into the day-to-day world of a working makeup artist. The RT Blush Brush is just amazing, so soft - I wouldn't mind having 4 of them all to myself :)

  5. Hey Nadira! I wish I could figure out how to be more compact!!

    Thanks jess, needs a cut though!

    Hi Sleepandwater, I find it interesting too, so glad you did! Its still one of my favourite brushes!