Tuesday, 27 September 2011

.Suqqu Waterproof Liquid Eyebrow Pen.

I have been wanting to try this eyebrow pen ever since I saw Lisa Eldridge speak about it and then Tanya Burr, which was a long time ago!  I was struggling to justify the purchase because at £20 its quite expensive for a brow product that will probably run out a lot quicker than my usual brown eyeshadow.  Also I wasn't sure if I'd be able to cope with the more natural brow look that this would give me!  Because I am going travelling in a few weeks I thought this could be the perfect product for me to still have my brows on whilst swimming in the sea or pools and probably sweating an awful lot too!

The colour I chose was Moss Green which is the darker one, the lighter one is more of a light brown, perfect for blondes.

I absolutely love this pen, I don't think I will ever be able to go back to shadow or pencil.  Eek, I will have to get used to the idea of shelling out £20 a time!  But its great because it doesn't look like you have anything on your brows and the pointed soft nib allows to to delicately create the perfect brow shape that lasts all day!!  I will be giving it the real test when I actually land in South East Asia though and I will be sure to keep you updated on its performance!

Here are some pictures on my brows with and without the product...

Without :(

With :)

I really likes it, I does :D

This is an old picture of how I used to do my eyebrows and above is with the Suqqu pen, which do you prefer?

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have used this product or any other Suqqu products before!

x Lucy x


  1. definitely prefer it with the suqqu pen, but i really like thick defined eyebrows!
    try the MAC spiked eyebrow pencil, the self sharpening ones because they give a similar look (although not waterproof) xx

  2. I prefer your look with the Suqqu pen! Both are pretty but I think the Suqqu looks so much more chic and effortless :) XXX

  3. Prefer the suqqu pen.Also, jealous u got blue eyes and i got brown!

  4. Ahh thanks guys! Glad you like it too! Rose, I would have preferred brown so praps we can swap? xxx

  5. Gorgeous!! Suqqu wins!! Is there anyway to get these shipped to the U.S.??

  6. your hair is absolutely gorgeous!x